Policy Corporate Governance Schedule A - Applicability of Working with Children Check

Schedule A - Applicability of Working with Children Check

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The following positions at JCU have been identified as requiring Blue Cards:

Council Members

Members of JCU Council (given the University has a Child Care Centre as a controlled entity)


a.  Appointed directors of JCU Early Learning Centres (a controlled entity of JCU)

b.  School (as in primary and secondary) outreach and engagement staff within the Education Division and Marketing Directorate

c.  Diploma of Higher Education Staff

d.  Indigenous Education and Research Centre Staff

e.  International Student Support Staff

f.  University Halls Staff employed by JCU

g.  Staff and Directors of JCU College (a controlled entity of JCU)

h.  Staff whose roles meet the requirements of the Education and Care Services Act 2013 where education and care services are provided for at least*:

  • eight consecutive days, or
  • once a week, each week, over four weeks, or
  • once a fortnight, each fortnight, over eight weeks, or
  • once a month, each month, over six months

* University teaching staff are exempt from requiring a Blue Card even if some of their students are under the age of 18.


a.  All students undertaking a Professional Experience/Field Education Placement/Clinical Placement within Queensland are required by law to hold a valid Blue Card

b.  Student undertaking unpaid child-related work or professional placements or work-integrated learning, or HDR students who are undertaking child-related research or work, are to comply with the Blue Card procedure.

c.  In non-child related placement, practicum or work-integrated learning   activities, the host organisation may require the student to obtain a Blue Card. The type of Working with Children Check required (Volunteer or Employee) will be determined by the host organisation.


(Cl 9)

a.  Contractors (Third Party teaching and research partners, sub-contractors and agents) and Volunteers may be required to hold Blue Cards when working for, or at, JCU, depending on their direct engagement with and exposure to children. This would include volunteers with the business units identified above or who might meet the engagement time identified at h. above.

Research partners/collaborators require Blue Cards only where the research project is led (or sub-contracted to be led) by JCU,   and involves Child Related Activities.   The leader of the research project is responsible for ensuring the project and its participants/collaborators are compliant with this Procedure.   Management of this is via the Research Ethics Committee.