Policy Appeal of Final Subject Result Procedure

Appeal of Final Subject Result Procedure

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This procedure specifies the process relating to a students’ right of appeal of a final subject result to ensure a student is awarded the appropriate result for their performance against the stated aims and objectives of the Subject Outline or Study Guide.


This procedure applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students and subjects.


Definition of terms used in this policy are as per the Policy Glossary.

Legitimate Grounds for Appeal:

a. a clerical error;

b. inconsistencies within the stated assessment items in the Subject Outline;

c. a request for a review of a decision made in response to an application made by the student for a Deferred Examination or Special Consideration.

The terms Deferred Examination, Special Consideration and Extenuating Circumstances have the meanings given to those terms in the Special Consideration, Supplementary, Deferred and Special Examinations Policy.


1. Prior to Appeal

1.1     Enquiries and consultation relating to final subject results should be made as soon as possible after the publication of the relevant subject results.  This is to ensure that timelines are met if a formal appeal process is required.

1.2 Prior to appealing the final result for a subject the student must have checked the stated assessment criteria in the Subject Outline, plus sought and received feedback about their performance in all assessment within the subject from the Subject Coordinator.  The matter may be resolved at this level.

1.3 If unresolved, the student shall provide a written statement with supporting documentation detailing one or more Legitimate Ground/s for Appeal.  This documentation shall be submitted via student email to the relevant College office.  The College office will forward this email to the Academic Head for review.

1.4 The Academic Head shall provide a written decision in response to the grounds of appeal to the student within 5 working days.  The matter may be resolved at this level.

1.5 If the matter is not resolved through 1.2 to 1.4, the student may formally appeal to the Director, Student Services observing the procedures and time limits set out as per Section 2.

2. Appeal Procedure

2.1  Appeal applications must be made no later than:

  • 20 University working days after the Results Publication Date for the relevant Study Period; or
  • 20 University working days after publication of deferred, supplementary or amended results.

A late application may be accepted at the discretion of the Director, Student Services in consultation with the Director of Academic Quality and Strategy.

2.2  A student may only appeal a final subject result upon one or more Legitimate Grounds for Appeal.

2.3  A student who appeals a final subject result must apply in writing using the appropriate application form, to the Director, Student Services stating the Legitimate Ground/s for Appeal, and naming the Subject Coordinator and Academic Head who have been consulted. The application must be supported by relevant documentation that includes Subject Coordinator feedback and Academic Head notification of decision.

3. Initial application assessment/review

3.1  Upon receipt of the appeal application, the Director of Student Services will check that the application has been completed in full and all documentation supplied.  If the application is deemed incomplete, the student will receive communication to supply any outstanding requirements in order for the application to proceed to the next stage.

3.2  The Director of Academic Quality and Strategy and the Director, Student Services will review the application and if in agreement it fails to provide Legitimate Grounds for Appeal, then the application may be dismissed. The student will be provided with written notification of the dismissal, including reasons for the decision. If the application is not dismissed, it will proceed to 3.3.

3.3  The Director, Student Services shall inform the Subject Coordinator, in writing, of the appeal application within 5 University working days of receiving the complete appeal application.

3.4  The Subject Coordinator shall provide to the Director, Student Services a written response to the appeal application and all material relevant to the appeal within 5 working days of notification.

3.5  The Director, Student Services will forward all appeal documentation to the Director, Academic Quality and Strategy.

4. Appeal Assessment procedure

4.1  The appeal of final subject result must be considered by a Subject Result Appeal Committee. On receiving the appeal documentation the Director of Academic Quality and Strategy will, as soon as practicable, convene a meeting of the Committee.

4.2  The Subject Result Appeal Committee (the “Committee”) will comprise the following members (one member must be from the relevant College):

  • The Director of Academic Quality and Strategy (Convenor);
  • An Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching;
  • A Band 4 Student Services Delegate;
  • A College Dean; and
  • The Chair, Academic Board.

Neither the Subject Coordinator or an examiner of the subject will be a member of the Committee.

4.3  Except with the express permission of the Convenor of the meeting of the Committee, no additional material will be presented at the meeting.

4.4  The Committee must consider the student’s application together with the written statement prepared by the Subject Coordinator and any additional relevant material collected by the Director, Student Services.

4.5  The student and Subject Coordinator shall be given the opportunity to be heard by the Committee, but only at the time and date fixed by the convenor.

4.6  The student and the Subject Coordinator may be heard in person or by other means of communication which are acceptable to the Convenor.

4.7  Neither the student or the Subject Coordinator may be present while the other is being heard.

4.8  The student and the Subject Coordinator will be present only for such time as is necessary for them to be heard by the Committee.

4.9  A student who appears in person before the Committee may choose to be accompanied by a support person, but may not be legally represented. The support person shall take no part in the proceedings, except at the express invitation of the Convenor of the Committee.

4.10  After considering the relevant material, the Committee will confirm or amend the final subject result and will take or recommend such further action as it deems appropriate.

4.11  The result of the appeal (and reasons for the result) must be communicated to the Director, Student Services, who will, within 5 working days, inform the student and the Subject Coordinator in writing of the result (including the reasons for the result) and take such other action as may be necessary.

4.12  An appeal application may be withdrawn at any point in the appeal process.

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