Policy University Management Generic Fuel Cards Procedure 28

Generic Fuel Cards Procedure 28

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Vehicle Section Internal Procedure 28


This procedure sets out the requirements and guidelines for the administration of all Generic Fuel Cards associated with James Cook University Business. To ensure that all fuel purchases made on the University’s Generic Fuel Cards are properly and appropriately administered by the Estate Directorate Vehicle Section.


This procedure applies to all university staff and/or students purchasing fuel for university vehicles.


Generic Fuel Cards – any fuel card allocated to staff/students that has not been allocated an individual registration number.


1.  Risk Management and Fraud Control

  • Employees and associates of James Cook University are to use the Generic Fuel Card for the purchase of fuel and oils relating to University business only.
  • Other methods of payment, such as cash, credit card are only to be used in exceptional circumstance. For example: where there are no service stations that accept a James Cook University Generic Fuel
    Card. The staff member or student must make every effort to seek out a service station that accepts the University Generic Fuel Card. In the case of using cash to pay for fuel purchases, the reimbursement of the fuel payment must be authorised by Estate Directorate management and be reimbursed to the individual through the relevant finance system.
  • All employees issued with a Generic Fuel Card will be required to sign a document acknowledging their compliance with the University’s fuel card procedure.
  • Ii is the responsibility of the generic fuel card holder to maintain a register of physical movements of their fuel purchases, including the signature of the issued fuel card holder.
  • Six (6) monthly reviews of the usage of the fuel cards will be conducted by Vehicle Section.
  • Where a card is lost, stolen or damaged the holder must notify the Vehicle Section staff immediately. Steps will then be taken to rectify the situation. This may include cancelling the card and reissuing a new fuel card.
  • Inappropriate use of fuel cards will be referred to the Management Estate Directorate. Appropriate measures will be taken to ensure adherence to this procedure. These measures may include cancellation of a fuel card, or any other measures deemed necessary by the Management Estates Directorate.
  • If a Generic fuel cards have not been used within a 12 month period, It is the responsibility of the cardholder to return the fuel card/s to vehicle section where the card will be cancelled.

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Julie Fedorniak Fleet Supervisor


Generic Fuel Cards