Policy University Management Vehicle Log Sheets Procedure 29

Vehicle Log Sheets Procedure 29

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Vehicle Section Internal Procedure 29


To ensure that all vehicle log sheets are completed in detail for all James Cook University (JCU) owned vehicles and to provide guidelines and appropriate controls for vehicle log sheets to ensure they are effectively managed on an on-going basis.


This procedure applies to responsible business units.


Long Term Use Vehicle - a vehicle on long term use with another Division/College

Departmental Vehicle - a vehicle that has been financed solely by a specific Division/College

Fleet Vehicle - a Vehicle (excluding an Executive Vehicle) owned by the University which forms part of the University’s vehicle fleet

Log Sheet - a detailed sheet listing all drivers’ journey details

Vehicle Section – the Vehicle Section of the Estate Directorate


Vehicle Documentation

Each JCU vehicle will contain a folder which includes the following:

  • Vehicle Log Sheet - this is to be completed at the beginning and on completion of each journey/hire, or on change of driver, providing full details including starting and finishing odometer readings.
  • Fuel Card - are issued for each vehicle. Fuel can be purchased at either Caltex and/or BP service stations.
  • RACQ Fleet care Key Tag - is to be used in the event of any vehicle breakdowns that may occur.
  • Vehicle Accident Report Form - this form details information to be collected in the event of an accident.  Preferably at the scene of the accident or within a 24hour reporting period.
  • Critical Incident Report - this form details the process and contact details for a critical incident.
  • At the end of each month, drivers must send the vehicle log sheets and all fuel receipts to Vehicle section either via email to vehicles@jcu.edu.au or internal post addressed to Vehicle Section James Cook University, where all documentation will be kept on file for audit purposes.
  • Drivers must complete log sheet details on at least a daily basis and must detail each journey separately, particularly where there has been more than one driver.  College Managers are responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of the importance of accurately completing log sheets at the completion of each trip and are forwarded to Vehicle Section at the end of each month.

Note: Vehicles allocated to a particular driver and used solely by that driver are responsible for completing their own log sheets and forwarding their log sheets and fuel receipts to Vehicle Section at the end of every month.

  • A routine review of log sheets will be undertaken biannually by the Vehicle Section to ensure all details have been completed, signed and logged in the appropriate manner.

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