JCU Vehicle Fleet Policy

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The University provides and maintains a vehicle fleet with a range of vehicle types appropriate to the needs of the University operations. Also referred to as the University vehicle pool, Fleet Vehicles are available for either short or long-term use by authorised persons for travel associated with the conduct of University business/activities.

This policy outlines the acquisition, disposal, efficient use, and cost recovery requirements of the vehicle fleet in accordance with University and statutory obligations and is to be read in conjunction with the short term and long term vehicle use procedures.


This policy applies to:

  • All Fleet Vehicles, regardless of the funding source, whether motorised or not, that require registration by the relevant transport authority; and
  • All University staff members as well as post graduate students, visiting academics, government officials, consultants, volunteers and undergraduate students who use Fleet Vehicles for official University business.

This policy does not apply to:

  • Flexible Remuneration Vehicles (including Executive Vehicles) – refer to Policy and Procedure Financial Management Practice Manual 480 Flexible Remuneration and Flexible Remuneration Program Motor Vehicle Guide.



A person who holds a current licence and has been authorised to drive a James Cook University Vehicle on a short term or long term basis  under the terms and conditions of this Policy and associated procedures.

Executive Vehicle

A vehicle supplied by the University to senior University staff for full private use as part of their remuneration package.

Fleet Vehicle

A vehicle (excluding an Executive Vehicle) owned by the University which forms part of the University’s vehicle fleet.


For the purposes of this policy is anyone outlined in the scope that is eligible to use a Fleet Vehicle for business purposes or a University Organisational Unit, who enters into a short or long-term vehicle use agreement with the University.

Long Term Use

The use of a Fleet Vehicle from the Vehicle Section for a period of 13 accounting periods or more.

Off road

Any use of a vehicle other than on formed gravel or sealed roads and boat ramps.

Short Term Use

Any use of a Fleet Vehicle from the Vehicle Section which is not considered a Long Term Use (13 financial periods or more).


Any vehicle, including but not limited to cars, utilities, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, mowers, forklifts, electric vehicles and trailers.

Vehicle Section

The Vehicle Section of the Estate Directorate.


1.    Acquisition and Disposal of Fleet Vehicles

1.1   The Vehicle Section, in accordance with the University’s Procurement Policy and Procedures and the Queensland Procurement Policy, is responsible for the purchase and disposal of all Fleet Vehicles.

1.2   Organisational Units requiring exclusive use of Fleet Vehicles are required to arrange with the Vehicle Section a Long Term Vehicle Use Agreement for the specified period (minimum period of 13 accounting periods).

1.3   Any requests made to the Vehicle Section to purchase additional Fleet Vehicles must be accompanied by a business case outlining the need for an additional vehicle. This does not apply where a vehicle is being upgraded or replaced.

2.    Driver Requirements/Responsibilities

2.1   Drivers of Fleet Vehicles must hold:

  • an Australian open licence; or
  • a P2 (Green P) Australian driver’s licence; or
  • a valid international driver’s licence written in English,

which legally permits the driver to drive the applicable class of Fleet Vehicle in Australia.

2.2   Holders of Provisional P1 (Red P’s) licences are not permitted to drive Fleet Vehicles.

2.3   In the case of the Short Term Use of a Fleet Vehicle, the Vehicle Section must, before the Fleet Vehicle is released, ensure the validity of the driver’s licence of each potential driver of the Fleet Vehicle.

2.4   In the case of the Long Term Use of a Fleet Vehicle,  a named responsible person must ensure the recording of the driver’s licence of each driver of the Fleet Vehicle.

2.5   If a driver’s licence becomes invalid at any time during the period of a use of the Fleet Vehicle, the driver must:

  • immediately cease to drive the Fleet Vehicle; and
  • as soon as possible inform the Vehicle Section (in the case of a Short Term Use of a vehicle) or inform the College named responsible person (in the case of a Long Term Use of a vehicle).

2.6   It is the responsibility of the driver of a Fleet Vehicle to supply their own “P” plates when driving a Fleet Vehicle.

2.7   A Fleet Vehicle may be driven for official business purposes of the University only.

2.8   Fleet Vehicles may not be used for private purposes.

2.9   Before receiving a Fleet Vehicle, drivers are required to:

  • acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of this policy and the associated procedures by signing the relevant vehicle use form.

2.10   Persons who:

  • have a blood alcohol concentration exceeding the lawful limit;
  • are under the influence of a drug; or
  • use, or intends to use, a Fleet Vehicle for an illegal purpose;
  • are not permitted to drive Fleet Vehicles.

2.11   A vehicle condition report is also required to be completed by the User or driver of the Fleet Vehicle prior to taking possession of a Fleet Vehicle departure.

2.12   Four wheel drive Fleet Vehicles may only be driven off road by those persons who have completed an approved four wheel drive training course delivered by a registered training organisation.

2.13   Before driving a Fleet Vehicle, drivers must make themselves familiar with the features of the Fleet Vehicle.

3.    Identification

3.1   Fleet Vehicles will have the University insignia prominently displayed (excluding Executive vehicles).

4.   Bookings

4.1   Fleet Vehicle bookings are to be made in advance using the Vehicle Section on-line booking system.

4.2   In the case of emergency or exceptional circumstance, Fleet Vehicles may be reallocated to another user without notice, at the discretion of the Estate Directorate.

4.3   The Vehicle Section reserves the right to determine the suitability of Fleet Vehicles for an intended purpose/trip and to reallocate or withhold Fleet Vehicles accordingly.

4.4   A person may be excluded from driving a Fleet Vehicle for a specified period if in the view of the Director, Estate Directorate, after consultation with the appropriate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, College Dean or Director, that a person has used a Fleet Vehicle in a negligent and/or irresponsible manner.

5.   Short Term Use

5.1   Fleet Vehicles are available at Townsville and Cairns campuses for short term use for official business of the University.

5.2   Fleet Vehicles used for short term period are only to be used in accordance with this Policy and the terms and conditions of the Short Term Vehicle Use Procedures.

6.   Long Term Use

6.1   Users requiring exclusive use of Fleet Vehicles for a long period are required to enter into a Long Term Vehicle Use Agreement for the specified period (minimum period of 13 accounting periods). Fleet Vehicles are available at Townsville and Cairns campuses and regional areas for long term use for official business of the University.

6.2   Fleet Vehicles used for long term purpose are only to be used in accordance with this Policy,  and the terms and conditions of the Long Term Vehicle Use Procedures.

7.   Vehicle Use Charges

7.1   Charges for Fleet Vehicle use will be levied in accordance with the Schedule of Fees as published on the Financial and Business Services website. The booking of a Fleet Vehicle by a User constitutes acceptance of all fees and charges associated with the use of, or failure to collect, a booked Fleet Vehicle.

8.   Registration and Insurance

8.1   The Vehicle Section will arrange appropriate registration and insurance of Fleet Vehicles to a common due date.

8.2   Insurance cover of Fleet Vehicles arranged by the Vehicle Section does not extend to any personal property stolen from, or damaged as the result of an accident involving, a Fleet Vehicle.

9.   Parking and Traffic Violations

9.1   The driver of a Fleet Vehicle is liable for the payment of any fine or other penalty incurred as a result of parking or traffic offences which occur whilst that driver is driving a Fleet Vehicle. The Vehicle Section will forward any infringement notices received to the relevant driver. If no response is provided the Vehicle Section will action in accordance with the applicable Vehicle Use Procedure.

9.2   The Estate Directorate may take possession of a Fleet Vehicle at the expense of the Users Organisational Unit if the Fleet Vehicle is illegally parked, used in violation of the law, is apparently abandoned or if there has been a breach of this Policy or the relevant Vehicle Use Procedure.

10.   Accidents and Damage

10.1   The Vehicle Section will arrange emergency breakdown cover for all Fleet Vehicles. Each Fleet Vehicle contains procedures in the event of breakdown.

10.2   It is the responsibility of the driver of a Fleet Vehicle to report any accident involving the Fleet Vehicle to the Queensland Police Service or other relevant authority in accordance with current legislative requirements.

10.3   In the case of damage to a Fleet Vehicle, the cost of repairs or the insurance excess amount (whichever is the lower) is the responsibility of the Users Organisational Unit.

10.4   Regardless of cause, all Fleet Vehicle damage must be reported promptly to the Vehicle Section.

11.   External Vehicle Hire

11.1   If a suitable Fleet Vehicle is not available at the required time through the on-line Booking System, a University staff member may submit an email request to the Vehicle Section vehicles@jcu.edu.au to provide details of any external hire options. Should the University staff member proceed with an external hire booking, the University staff member accepts responsibility for all associated charges.

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17-1 22/11/17 22/11/17 Minor amendment to clause 2.12 clarifying the use of 4wd vehicles. Vehicle Fleet Supervisor, Estate Directorate
16-1 16/06/2016 5/07/2016 Reviewed to provide further clarification of some clauses and to align with recent audit requirements. Head Operations; and Vehicle Fleet Supervisor, Operations, Estate Directorate




Major review - this policy replaces the Vehicle Hire Policy – Short Term. Refer to Estate Board minutes (4/15) for details

Head Operations and Vehicle Fleet Supervisor, Operations, Estate Directorate


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