FMPM 720 Payroll

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To set out the requirements regarding the approval to fill vacancies, establish new positions and offer employment. In addition, the policy determines the responsibility with regard to compliance with awards, determination of employment related liabilities, the development and maintenance of the human resource management system and the processing of payroll.



Responsibility of

Approval to establish new positions, fill vacancies and confirm appointments

Human Resources Delegate

Approval of the commitment of funds for an employment obligation

Human Resources Delegate

Offer of employment

Director, Human Resources Management

Compliance with employment related legislation and awards

Director, Human Resources Management

Determination of employment related liabilities

Director, Human Resources Management

Development and maintenance of corporate information systems (human and finance)

Director, Human Resources Management & Chief Financial Officer

Processing of Payroll

Director, Human Resources Management




  • The delegation to fill vacancies, establish new positions, confirm appointments and the consequential commitment of funds is determined in the Human Resources Delegation Schedule 2.

  • An offer of employment must not be made unless there are sufficient funds available to meet the employment obligations for the term of the employment.

  • The Director, Human Resources Management is responsible for ensuring the employment of persons is in accordance with the requirements of all employment related legislation, industrial awards and the Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual.

  • The determination of employee related liabilities is the responsibility of the Director, Human Resources Management.

  • The corporate information systems (human resources and finance) must provide information sufficient to account for all employment related liabilities and expenses in accordance with the approved accounting policies.

  • The Director, Human Resources Management is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of the University’s payroll.

  • The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the timely payment of the University’s payroll.

Related documents, legislation, or JCU Statutes

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Fair Work Act 2009

WorkCover Queensland Act 1996

Pay-roll Tax Act 1971

Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992

Superannuation Guarantee (Consequential Amendments) Act 1992

Superannuation State Public Sector Act 1990

Superannuation State Public Sector Notice of 2000

Superannuation Guarantee Charge Act 1992

Deed of Covenant Between James Cook University and SSAU Nominees Pty Ltd

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

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Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

A New Tax System (Pay As You Go) Act 1999


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Approval Details

Policy Domain

University Management

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Policy Custodian

Chief Financial Officer

Approval Authority

Vice Chancellor

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Policy Sponsor and Approval Authority updated to reflect the approved Policy and Delegations Framework

Quality Standards and Policy Unit