JCU Companies and Joint Ventures

James Cook University (JCU) is a body corporate under the James Cook University Act 1997 (the JCU Act). Under Section 7 of the JCU Act, the governing body is the Council. Under Section 61 of the JCU Act, JCU may be a member of, form, take part in forming, or manage a corporation, and under Section 6 of the JCU Act, JCU has all the powers of an individual to enter into contracts.

From time to time, JCU forms or becomes a member or shareholder in companies and joint ventures. These are categorised as controlled entities, non-controlled entities, affiliated companies, or joint ventures. Information in relation to each of these categories is contained, or accessed, via reference to this website.


Controlled Entities are entities which are under the control of JCU as assessed under the Corporations Act 2001 (Section 50AA), as referenced in the JCU Controlled and Non-Controlled Entities Policy (the Policy).

Non-Controlled Entities are Entities, as defined in the Policy, which are not Controlled Entities. They will often be research or research commercialisation related and in some cases JCU's interest will be a minor one. In the case of Non-Controlled Entities, the board may or may not include a director who is a JCU employee.

Affiliated Entities are entities where JCU is not a member or shareholder, but, because of the close connection between the activities of the JCU and the affiliated entity, the board includes JCU employees who have been requested to act in that role. Examples include some of the board members of each of the Australian Foundation for Literary Studies and the James Cook University in America Foundation.

Joint Ventures may be incorporated or unincorporated and the term is one which has a variety of meanings. It is important to note that, depending on the nature of the activities of the joint venture, JCU's participation in a joint venture may require the approval of the Treasurer under the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982.

Key Contacts

Contact the Manager, Commercial Operations:

Information about entities other than JCU Controlled Entities can be obtained by contacting the Manager, Commercial Operations as above.