Cisco Proximity

Wireless presentation/sharing from laptops, tablets and smart phones is available in rooms fitted with Cisco SX10 an SX20 videoconference codecs.

Proximity downloads are available for Windows and Mac from Cisco Website;

Apps for Android and iOS tablets and smart phones are available from the Google Play and iTunes

Wireless Presentation is available in the following rooms:

Cairns D1-022C SX10
Cairns D1-225 SX10
Cairns D3-017 SX10
Cairns D-104 SX10
Cairns E5-001 SX10
Cairns IERC A21-004 SX10
Cairns DVC GS&E A1-203A SX10
Cairns Dean Research SX10
Cairns Director Cairns Institute SX10
Cairns CEE Meeting Room B1-115A SX10
Cairns PamStronach A2-236 SX10
Cairns SSD A1-007 SX10
Cairns VC Office SX10
Cairns City CampusCCC-103 GMT BoardroomSX10
Orpheus IslandResearch InstituteSX10
Campus Room Codec
Townsville 004-255 SX10
Townsville 029-106E SX10
Townsville 034-101 (ZoomRoom) SX10
Townsville 034-117 (VAVS) SX20
Townsville 142-110 Chemistry Lab SX20
Townsville 142-233 Meeting Room SX20
Townsville 142-234 Meeting Room SX20
Townsville 301-007 SX20
Townsville AITHM Boardroom 048-202 SX20
Townsville AITHM Meeting room 048-204 SX20
Townsville Dean GRS SX10
Townsville Boardroom 39-252 SX20
Townsville DVC Office 4-251 SX10
Townsville DVC Services & Resources SX10
Townsville DVC Students Meeting Room 001-120 SX10
Townsville CPB GMT Boardroom 500 331 SX20
Townsville Graduate Research School 17-151 SX10
Townsville Meeting Room 001-117 SX10
Townsville Research Institute Admin SX10
TownsvilleStudent Services 134-011ASX10
Townsville Hospital TTH-102 SX20
Townsville Hospital TTH-103 SX20
Townsville VC Office SX10