JCU Prep

Would you like to pursue university study but don’t have the qualifications you need for entry into your chosen Bachelor’s degree?

Whether you finished school without an ATAR, are missing pre-requisite subjects, or you didn’t finish high school, JCU Prep will help you realise your study goals. This flexible university pathway program can be tailored around you, so you will only study the subjects you need to build your skills and meet the entry requirements of your chosen degree.*

In as little as three months you can gain the skills and subject knowledge you need to enter university study, as well as becoming familiar with JCU’s campuses, facilities, technologies and support services.

As a JCU Prep student you will benefit from a supportive framework led by the JCU Pathways team to help guide you in your studies and ensure a smooth transition into university study.

This fee free** enabling course is open to all Australian citizens and Permanent Residents who want to enter university study at JCU, regardless of academic background and prior work/study experience.

Why wait? Enrol in JCU Prep today and be one step closer to realising your career goal. Explore available subjects and see how to apply on the JCU Prep course page.

JCU Prep is a flexible program that enables mature students and school leavers to gain the skills and knowledge they need to enter their preferred course of study.* Set in a supportive learning environment with guidance from teaching specialists, students only study the subjects they need to gain entry into their preferred Bachelor’s degree.

The following JCU Prep subjects are available:+

The subjects you can choose to enrol in will be dependent on your individual circumstances.

If you have not previously completed high school or you are returning to study after a lengthy gap it is likely that you will commence the JCU Prep program studying BR0100: Introduction to Academic Learning, and BR0200: Mathematics A1, before going on to complete the pre-requisite subjects.

If you are unsure which of the JCU Prep subjects are right for you, the Future Students Contact Centre can advise you based on your circumstances.

+Please note, BR0100 and BR0200 are available on-campus only. BR0301 is available online only.

JCU Prep is available to both mature students and recent school leavers (students must be turning 18 in their first year of study) who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents. No previous qualifications are required to enrol.

Depending on your circumstances and the number of subjects you enrol in, JCU Prep can be completed in three to twelve months. Upon successful completion you can apply for entry into your preferred Bachelor’s degree.*

JCU Prep subjects will commence in January, May and September 2024 at JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield; JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas; and online.+

+Please note, BR0100 and BR0200 are available on-campus only. BR0301 is available online only.

JCU Prep has no course fees. Students only pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSA Fee) and this will vary depending on your study load. In 2023 the fee was $48.90 per subject, with a maximum fee of $326.00 for the full calendar year.

Government financial assistance is available for eligible students. If you are aged 25 years or over and enrol in three JCU Prep subjects you may be able to apply for Austudy. Similarly, if you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and enrol in three JCU Prep subjects you may be able to apply for ABSTUDY.

JCU Prep is a non-award course therefore students do not receive a stand-alone qualification upon completion. Students will however have:

  • The formal pre-requisites to gain entry into many undergraduate courses at JCU*
  • The academic skills (literacy and numeracy) necessary to succeed in their future studies
  • Awareness of and confidence to access JCU’s services, facilities and technologies, all of which help to ensure a smooth transition into their future undergraduate degree.

Your application for JCU Prep depends on your previous educational experience:

If you wish to use JCU Prep as a pathway into a JCU bachelor’s degree

You should apply for your preferred bachelor’s course through Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC), using the QTAC code for that course. If you do not meet the entry requirements, JCU may offer you a QTAC packaged offer, where you receive an offer into JCU Prep and your preferred bachelor’s course at the same time.

If you want to start with only JCU Prep, and:

You received an ATAR

If you completed Year 12 in the last three years and achieved an ATAR (or equivalent), you should apply for entry to JCU Prep through QTAC, using the QTAC code in the Fast Facts section above.

You didn’t receive an ATAR or you have previously studied with JCU

If you left school before Year 12, you completed Year 12 but didn’t receive an ATAR (or equivalent) or have previously studied one or more subjects at JCU, you should apply for JCU Prep directly, through our Online Application Portal.

Check the JCU application due dates page to ensure you meet the deadline for your chosen trimester.

If you have any questions about JCU Prep, how JCU Prep can be tailored to help you reach your career goals, or any other questions related to pathways into university, the JCU Future Students Team is available via:

Email: study@jcu.edu.au
Phone: 1800 246 446 within Australia

*For students wishing to apply to the Bachelor of Dental Surgery; Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery; Bachelor of Physiotherapy; or Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours), JCU Prep can only be used to fulfil subject pre-requisites, not ATAR entry requirements.
**Students are only required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSA Fee).