Fields of Research (FoR)

ANZSRC 2020 - Fields of Research

There is a new version of the Field of Research (FoR) codes. To become familiar with the new codes, the Stats NZ site is a good place to start. A mapping of the old 2008 FoR codes to the new 2020 FoR codes is provided to assist in transitioning to the new codes.

The FoR allows R&D activity to be categorised according to the methodology used in the R&D.. It is usually the general answer to “What are you researching?”

A research project or research program is to be allocated to a set of FoR fields in a hierarchical manner. This is achieved by:

  • first determining the division in which the largest component of the research project or research program is being performed; then
  • determining the most relevant group within that division; and then
  • determining the most relevant field within that group.

Where a defined field cannot be identified within a group for a research project or research program, the not elsewhere classified category at the field level can be used.

3001Agricultural biotechnology
300101Agricultural biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors)
300102Agricultural marine biotechnology
300103Agricultural molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins
300104Genetically modified animals
300105Genetically modified field crops and pasture
300106Genetically modified horticulture plants
300107Genetically modified trees
300108Livestock cloning
300109Non-genetically modified uses of biotechnology
300199Agricultural biotechnology not elsewhere classified
3002Agriculture, land and farm management
300201Agricultural hydrology
300202Agricultural land management
300203Agricultural land planning
300204Agricultural management of nutrients
300205Agricultural production systems simulation
300206Agricultural spatial analysis and modelling
300207Agricultural systems analysis and modelling
300208Farm management, rural management and agribusiness
300209Germplasm management
300210Sustainable agricultural development
300299Agriculture, land and farm management not elsewhere classified
3003Animal production
300301Animal growth and development
300302Animal management
300303Animal nutrition
300304Animal protection (incl. pests and pathogens)
300305Animal reproduction and breeding
300306Animal welfare
300307Environmental studies in animal production
300399Animal production not elsewhere classified
3004Crop and pasture production
300401Agrochemicals and biocides (incl. application)
300402Agro-ecosystem function and prediction
300404Crop and pasture biochemistry and physiology
300405Crop and pasture biomass and bioproducts
300406Crop and pasture improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
300407Crop and pasture nutrition
300408Crop and pasture post harvest technologies (incl. transportation and storage)
300409Crop and pasture protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds)
300410Crop and pasture waste water use
300411Fertilisers (incl. application)
300412Organic and low chemical input crop production
300413Pollination biology and systems
300499Crop and pasture production not elsewhere classified
3005Fisheries sciences
300502Aquaculture and fisheries stock assessment
300503Fish pests and diseases
300504Fish physiology and genetics
300505Fisheries management
300506Post-harvest fisheries technologies (incl. transportation)
300599Fisheries sciences not elsewhere classified
3006Food sciences
300601Beverage chemistry and beverage sensory science
300602Food chemistry and food sensory science
300603Food nutritional balance
300604Food packaging, preservation and processing
300605Food safety, traceability, certification and authenticity
300606Food sustainability
300607Food technology
300699Food sciences not elsewhere classified
3007Forestry sciences
300702Forest biodiversity
300703Forest ecosystems
300704Forest health and pathology
300705Forestry biomass and bioproducts
300706Forestry fire management
300707Forestry management and environment
300708Forestry product quality assessment
300709Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
300710Tree nutrition and physiology
300711Wood fibre processing
300712Wood processing
300799Forestry sciences not elsewhere classified
3008Horticultural production
300801Field organic and low chemical input horticulture
300802Horticultural crop growth and development
300803Horticultural crop improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
300804Horticultural crop protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds)
300805Oenology and viticulture
300806Post harvest horticultural technologies (incl. transportation and storage)
300899Horticultural production not elsewhere classified
3009Veterinary sciences
300901Veterinary anaesthesiology and intensive care
300902Veterinary anatomy and physiology
300903Veterinary bacteriology
300904Veterinary diagnosis and diagnostics
300905Veterinary epidemiology
300906Veterinary immunology
300907Veterinary medicine (excl. urology)
300908Veterinary mycology
300909Veterinary parasitology
300910Veterinary pathology
300911Veterinary pharmacology
300912Veterinary surgery
300913Veterinary urology
300914Veterinary virology
300999Veterinary sciences not elsewhere classified
3099Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences
309999Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences not elsewhere classified
3101Biochemistry and cell biology
310101Analytical biochemistry
310102Cell development, proliferation and death
310103Cell metabolism
310104Cell neurochemistry
310105Cellular interactions (incl. adhesion, matrix, cell wall)
310108Protein trafficking
310109Proteomics and intermolecular interactions (excl. medical proteomics)
310110Receptors and membrane biology
310111Signal transduction
310112Structural biology (incl. macromolecular modelling)
310113Synthetic biology
310114Systems biology
310199Biochemistry and cell biology not elsewhere classified
3102Bioinformatics and computational biology
310201Bioinformatic methods development
310202Biological network analysis
310203Computational ecology and phylogenetics
310204Genomics and transcriptomics
310205Proteomics and metabolomics
310206Sequence analysis
310207Statistical and quantitative genetics
310208Translational and applied bioinformatics
310299Bioinformatics and computational biology not elsewhere classified
310301Behavioural ecology
310302Community ecology (excl. invasive species ecology)
310303Ecological physiology
310304Freshwater ecology
310305Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
310307Population ecology
310308Terrestrial ecology
310399Ecology not elsewhere classified
3104Evolutionary biology
310401Animal systematics and taxonomy
310402Biogeography and phylogeography
310403Biological adaptation
310404Evolution of developmental systems
310405Evolutionary ecology
310406Evolutionary impacts of climate change
310407Host-parasite interactions
310408Life histories
310409Microbial taxonomy
310410Phylogeny and comparative analysis
310411Plant and fungus systematics and taxonomy
310412Speciation and extinction
310499Evolutionary biology not elsewhere classified
310501Anthropological genetics
310502Cell and nuclear division
310503Developmental genetics (incl. sex determination)
310504Epigenetics (incl. genome methylation and epigenomics)
310505Gene expression (incl. microarray and other genome-wide approaches)
310506Gene mapping
310507Genetic immunology
310508Genome structure and regulation
310510Molecular evolution
310599Genetics not elsewhere classified
3106Industrial biotechnology
310601Biocatalysis and enzyme technology
310602Bioprocessing, bioproduction and bioproducts
310604Industrial biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors)
310605Industrial microbiology (incl. biofeedstocks)
310606Industrial molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins
310699Industrial biotechnology not elsewhere classified
310702Infectious agents
310703Microbial ecology
310704Microbial genetics
310799Microbiology not elsewhere classified
3108Plant biology
310801Phycology (incl. marine grasses)
310802Plant biochemistry
310803Plant cell and molecular biology
310804Plant developmental and reproductive biology
310805Plant pathology
310806Plant physiology
310899Plant biology not elsewhere classified
310901Animal behaviour
310902Animal cell and molecular biology
310903Animal developmental and reproductive biology
310904Animal diet and nutrition
310905Animal immunology
310906Animal neurobiology
310907Animal physiological ecology
310908Animal physiology - biophysics
310909Animal physiology - cell
310910Animal physiology - systems
310911Animal structure and function
310912Comparative physiology
310913Invertebrate biology
310914Vertebrate biology
310999Zoology not elsewhere classified
3199Other biological sciences
319901Forensic biology
319902Global change biology
319999Other biological sciences not elsewhere classified
3201Cardiovascular medicine and haematology
320101Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
320103Respiratory diseases
320199Cardiovascular medicine and haematology not elsewhere classified
3202Clinical sciences
320202Clinical chemistry (incl. diagnostics)
320203Clinical microbiology
320206Diagnostic radiography
320207Emergency medicine
320209Gastroenterology and hepatology
320210Geriatrics and gerontology
320211Infectious diseases
320212Intensive care
320213Medical genetics (excl. cancer genetics)
320214Nephrology and urology
320215Nuclear medicine
320220Pathology (excl. oral pathology)
320221Psychiatry (incl. psychotherapy)
320222Radiology and organ imaging
320223Rheumatology and arthritis
320224Rural clinical health
320225Sports medicine
320299Clinical sciences not elsewhere classified
320301Craniofacial biology
320302Dental materials and equipment
320303Dental therapeutics, pharmacology and toxicology
320305Oral and maxillofacial surgery
320306Oral implantology
320307Oral medicine and pathology
320308Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics
320312Special needs dentistry
320399Dentistry not elsewhere classified
320402Applied immunology (incl. antibody engineering, xenotransplantation and t-cell therapies)
320404Cellular immunology
320405Humoural immunology and immunochemistry
320406Immunogenetics (incl. genetic immunology)
320407Innate immunity
320408Transplantation immunology
320409Tumour immunology
320499Immunology not elsewhere classified
3205Medical biochemistry and metabolomics
320501Medical biochemistry - amino acids and metabolites
320502Medical biochemistry - carbohydrates
320503Medical biochemistry - inorganic elements and compounds
320504Medical biochemistry - lipids
320505Medical biochemistry - nucleic acids
320506Medical biochemistry - proteins and peptides (incl. medical proteomics)
320507Metabolic medicine
320599Medical biochemistry and metabolomics not elsewhere classified
3206Medical biotechnology
320601Gene and molecular therapy
320602Medical biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors)
320603Medical molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins
320605Nanotoxicology, health and safety
320606Regenerative medicine (incl. stem cells)
320699Medical biotechnology not elsewhere classified
3207Medical microbiology
320701Medical bacteriology
320702Medical infection agents (incl. prions)
320703Medical mycology
320704Medical parasitology
320705Medical virology
320799Medical microbiology not elsewhere classified
3208Medical physiology
320801Cell physiology
320802Human biophysics
320803Systems physiology
320899Medical physiology not elsewhere classified
320901Autonomic nervous system
320902Cellular nervous system
320903Central nervous system
320904Computational neuroscience (incl. mathematical neuroscience and theoretical neuroscience)
320905Neurology and neuromuscular diseases
320906Peripheral nervous system
320907Sensory systems
320999Neurosciences not elsewhere classified
3210Nutrition and dietetics
321001Clinical nutrition
321002Food properties (incl. characteristics and health benefits)
321003Nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition
321004Nutritional science
321005Public health nutrition
321006Sport and exercise nutrition
321099Nutrition and dietetics not elsewhere classified
3211Oncology and carcinogenesis
321101Cancer cell biology
321102Cancer diagnosis
321103Cancer genetics
321104Cancer therapy (excl. chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
321106Haematological tumours
321107Liquid biopsies
321108Molecular targets
321109Predictive and prognostic markers
321110Radiation therapy
321111Solid tumours
321199Oncology and carcinogenesis not elsewhere classified
3212Ophthalmology and optometry
321202Optical technology
321204Vision science
321299Ophthalmology and optometry not elsewhere classified
321301Adolescent health
321302Infant and child health
321399Paediatrics not elsewhere classified
3214Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences
321401Basic pharmacology
321402Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
321403Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
321404Pharmaceutical delivery technologies
321405Pharmaceutical sciences
321407Toxicology (incl. clinical toxicology)
321499Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences not elsewhere classified
3215Reproductive medicine
321501Foetal development and medicine
321502Obstetrics and gynaecology
321599Reproductive medicine not elsewhere classified
3299Other biomedical and clinical sciences
329999Other biomedical and clinical sciences not elsewhere classified
330101Architectural computing and visualisation methods
330102Architectural design
330103Architectural heritage and conservation
330104Architectural history, theory and criticism
330105Architectural science and technology
330106Architecture for disaster relief
330107Architecture management
330108Interior design
330109Landscape architecture
330110Sustainable architecture
330199Architecture not elsewhere classified
330201Automation and technology in building and construction
330202Building construction management and project planning
330203Building industry studies
330204Building information modelling and management
330205Building organisational studies
330206Building science, technologies and systems
330207Quantity surveying
330299Building not elsewhere classified
330301Data visualisation and computational (incl. parametric and generative) design
330302Design anthropology
330303Design for disaster relief
330304Design history, theory and criticism
330305Design management
330306Design practice and methods
330307Ergonomics design
330308Fire safety design
330309Industrial and product design
330310Interaction and experience design
330311Models and simulations of design
330312Service design
330313Social design
330314Sustainable design
330315Textile and fashion design
330316Visual communication design (incl. graphic design)
330399Design not elsewhere classified
3304Urban and regional planning
330401Community planning
330402History and theory of the built environment (excl. architecture)
330403Housing markets, development and management
330404Land use and environmental planning
330405Public participation and community engagement
330406Regional analysis and development
330407Regulatory planning and development assessment
330408Strategic, metropolitan and regional planning
330409Transport planning
330410Urban analysis and development
330411Urban design
330412Urban informatics
330413Urban planning and health
330499Urban and regional planning not elsewhere classified
3399Other built environment and design
339999Other built environment and design not elsewhere classified
3401Analytical chemistry
340101Analytical spectrometry
340103Electroanalytical chemistry
340104Flow analysis
340105Instrumental methods (excl. immunological and bioassay methods)
340106Metabolomic chemistry
340107Quality assurance, chemometrics, traceability and metrological chemistry
340108Sensor technology (incl. chemical aspects)
340109Separation science
340199Analytical chemistry not elsewhere classified
3402Inorganic chemistry
340201Bioinorganic chemistry
340203F-block chemistry
340204Inorganic green chemistry
340205Main group metal chemistry
340206Metal cluster chemistry
340207Metal organic frameworks
340208Non-metal chemistry
340209Organometallic chemistry
340210Solid state chemistry
340211Transition metal chemistry
340299Inorganic chemistry not elsewhere classified
3403Macromolecular and materials chemistry
340301Inorganic materials (incl. nanomaterials)
340302Macromolecular materials
340304Optical properties of materials
340305Physical properties of materials
340306Polymerisation mechanisms
340307Structure and dynamics of materials
340308Supramolecular chemistry
340309Theory and design of materials
340399Macromolecular and materials chemistry not elsewhere classified
3404Medicinal and biomolecular chemistry
340401Biologically active molecules
340402Biomolecular modelling and design
340403Characterisation of biological macromolecules
340404Cheminformatics and quantitative structure-activity relationships
340406Molecular medicine
340407Proteins and peptides
340499Medicinal and biomolecular chemistry not elsewhere classified
3405Organic chemistry
340501Free radical chemistry
340502Natural products and bioactive compounds
340503Organic chemical synthesis
340504Organic green chemistry
340505Physical organic chemistry
340599Organic chemistry not elsewhere classified
3406Physical chemistry
340601Catalysis and mechanisms of reactions
340602Chemical thermodynamics and energetics
340603Colloid and surface chemistry
340605Molecular imaging (incl. electron microscopy and neutron diffraction)
340607Reaction kinetics and dynamics
340608Solution chemistry
340609Transport properties and non-equilibrium processes
340699Physical chemistry not elsewhere classified
3407Theoretical and computational chemistry
340701Computational chemistry
340702Radiation and matter
340703Statistical mechanics in chemistry
340704Theoretical quantum chemistry
340799Theoretical and computational chemistry not elsewhere classified
3499Other chemical sciences
349901Forensic chemistry
349999Other chemical sciences not elsewhere classified
3501Accounting, auditing and accountability
350101Accounting theory and standards
350102Auditing and accountability
350103Financial accounting
350104International accounting
350105Management accounting
350106Not-for-profit accounting and accountability
350107Sustainability accounting and reporting
350108Taxation accounting
350199Accounting, auditing and accountability not elsewhere classified
3502Banking, finance and investment
350201Environment and climate finance
350203Financial econometrics
350204Financial institutions (incl. banking)
350205Household finance and financial literacy
350206Insurance studies
350207International finance
350208Investment and risk management
350209Not-for-profit finance and risk
350299Banking, finance and investment not elsewhere classified
3503Business systems in context
350301Business analytics
350302Business information management (incl. records, knowledge and intelligence)
350303Business information systems
350304Business systems in context
350305Forensic intelligence
350306Forensic science and management
350307Technology management
350399Business systems in context not elsewhere classified
3504Commercial services
350401Food and hospitality services
350402Hospitality management
350403Real estate and valuation services
350405Sport and leisure management
350499Commercial services not elsewhere classified
3505Human resources and industrial relations
350501Business and labour history
350502Employment equity and diversity
350503Human resources management
350504Industrial and employee relations
350505Occupational and workplace health and safety
350506Workforce planning
350507Workplace wellbeing and quality of working life
350599Human resources and industrial relations not elsewhere classified
350601Consumer behaviour
350602Consumer-oriented product or service development
350603Industrial marketing
350604Marketing communications
350605Marketing management (incl. strategy and customer relations)
350606Marketing research methodology
350607Marketing technology
350608Marketing theory
350609Not-for-profit marketing
350610Pricing (incl. consumer value estimation)
350611Service marketing
350612Social marketing
350699Marketing not elsewhere classified
3507Strategy, management and organisational behaviour
350701Corporate governance
350702Corporate social responsibility
350703Disaster and emergency management
350705Innovation management
350706International business
350708Not-for-profit business and management
350709Organisation and management theory
350710Organisational behaviour
350711Organisational planning and management
350712Production and operations management
350713Project management
350714Public sector organisation and management
350715Quality management
350716Small business organisation and management
350717Stakeholder engagement
350799Strategy, management and organisational behaviour not elsewhere classified
350801Impacts of tourism
350802Tourism forecasting
350803Tourism management
350804Tourism marketing
350805Tourism resource appraisal
350806Tourist behaviour and visitor experience
350899Tourism not elsewhere classified
3509Transportation, logistics and supply chains
350901Air transportation and freight services
350902Intelligent mobility
350904Maritime transportation and freight services
350905Passenger needs
350906Public transport
350907Rail transportation and freight services
350908Road transportation and freight services
350909Supply chains
350999Transportation, logistics and supply chains not elsewhere classified
3599Other commerce, management, tourism and services
359999Other commerce, management, tourism and services not elsewhere classified
3601Art history, theory and criticism
360101Art criticism
360102Art history
360103Art theory
360104Visual cultures
360199Art history, theory and criticism not elsewhere classified
3602Creative and professional writing
360201Creative writing (incl. scriptwriting)
360202Digital writing
360203Professional writing and journalism practice
360204Site-based writing
360205Technical writing
360299Creative and professional writing not elsewhere classified
360301Music cognition
360302Music composition and improvisation
360303Music education
360304Music performance
360305Music technology and recording
360306Musicology and ethnomusicology
360399Music not elsewhere classified
3604Performing arts
360401Applied theatre
360402Dance and dance studies
360403Drama, theatre and performance studies
360499Performing arts not elsewhere classified
3605Screen and digital media
360501Cinema studies
360502Computer gaming and animation
360503Digital and electronic media art
360504Interactive media
360505Screen media
360506Visual effects
360599Screen and digital media not elsewhere classified
3606Visual arts
360602Fine arts
360603Performance art
360604Photography, video and lens-based practice
360699Visual arts not elsewhere classified
3699Other creative arts and writing
369999Other creative arts and writing not elsewhere classified
3701Atmospheric sciences
370101Adverse weather events
370102Air pollution processes and air quality measurement
370103Atmospheric aerosols
370104Atmospheric composition, chemistry and processes
370105Atmospheric dynamics
370106Atmospheric radiation
370107Cloud physics
370109Tropospheric and stratospheric physics
370199Atmospheric sciences not elsewhere classified
3702Climate change science
370201Climate change processes
370203Greenhouse gas inventories and fluxes
370299Climate change science not elsewhere classified
370301Exploration geochemistry
370302Inorganic geochemistry
370303Isotope geochemistry
370304Organic geochemistry
370399Geochemistry not elsewhere classified
370401Computational modelling and simulation in earth sciences
370402Earth and space science informatics
370403Geoscience data visualisation
370499Geoinformatics not elsewhere classified
370503Igneous and metamorphic petrology
370504Marine geoscience
370505Mineralogy and crystallography
370506Palaeontology (incl. palynology)
370507Planetary geology
370508Resource geoscience
370510Stratigraphy (incl. biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis)
370511Structural geology and tectonics
370599Geology not elsewhere classified
370601Applied geophysics
370602Electrical and electromagnetic methods in geophysics
370605Geothermics and radiometrics
370607Magnetism and palaeomagnetism
370608Petrophysics and rock mechanics
370609Seismology and seismic exploration
370699Geophysics not elsewhere classified
370701Contaminant hydrology
370703Groundwater hydrology
370704Surface water hydrology
370705Urban hydrology
370799Hydrology not elsewhere classified
370801Biological oceanography
370802Chemical oceanography
370803Physical oceanography
370899Oceanography not elsewhere classified
3709Physical geography and environmental geoscience
370901Geomorphology and earth surface processes
370903Natural hazards
370905Quaternary environments
370906Regolith and landscape evolution
370999Physical geography and environmental geoscience not elsewhere classified
3799Other earth sciences
379901Earth system sciences
379999Other earth sciences not elsewhere classified
3801Applied economics
380101Agricultural economics
380102Behavioural economics
380103Economic history
380104Economics of education
380105Environment and resource economics
380106Experimental economics
380107Financial economics
380108Health economics
380109Industry economics and industrial organisation
380110International economics
380111Labour economics
380112Macroeconomics (incl. monetary and fiscal theory)
380113Public economics - public choice
380114Public economics - publicly provided goods
380115Public economics - taxation and revenue
380116Tourism economics
380117Transport economics
380118Urban and regional economics
380119Welfare economics
380199Applied economics not elsewhere classified
380201Cross-sectional analysis
380202Econometric and statistical methods
380203Economic models and forecasting
380204Panel data analysis
380205Time-series analysis
380299Econometrics not elsewhere classified
3803Economic theory
380301History of economic thought
380302Macroeconomic theory
380303Mathematical economics
380304Microeconomic theory
380399Economic theory not elsewhere classified
3899Other economics
389901Comparative economic systems
389902Ecological economics
389903Heterodox economics
389999Other economics not elsewhere classified
3901Curriculum and pedagogy
390101Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
390102Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
390103Economics, business and management curriculum and pedagogy
390104English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
390105Environmental education curriculum and pedagogy
390106Geography education curriculum and pedagogy
390107Humanities and social sciences curriculum and pedagogy (excl. economics, business and management)
390108LOTE, ESL and TESOL curriculum and pedagogy
390109Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
390110Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
390111Physical education and development curriculum and pedagogy
390112Religion curriculum and pedagogy
390113Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
390114Vocational education and training curriculum and pedagogy
390115Work integrated learning (incl. internships)
390199Curriculum and pedagogy not elsewhere classified
3902Education policy, sociology and philosophy
390201Education policy
390202History and philosophy of education
390203Sociology of education
390299Education policy, sociology and philosophy not elsewhere classified
3903Education systems
390301Continuing and community education
390302Early childhood education
390303Higher education
390304Primary education
390305Professional education and training
390306Secondary education
390307Teacher education and professional development of educators
390308Technical, further and workplace education
390399Education systems not elsewhere classified
3904Specialist studies in education
390401Comparative and cross-cultural education
390402Education assessment and evaluation
390403Educational administration, management and leadership
390404Educational counselling
390405Educational technology and computing
390406Gender, sexuality and education
390407Inclusive education
390408Learning analytics
390409Learning sciences
390410Multicultural education (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Maori and Pacific Peoples)
390411Special education and disability
390412Teacher and student wellbeing
390499Specialist studies in education not elsewhere classified
3999Other Education
399999Other education not elsewhere classified
4001Aerospace engineering
400101Aerospace materials
400102Aerospace structures
400103Aircraft performance and flight control systems
400105Flight dynamics
400106Hypersonic propulsion and hypersonic aerothermodynamics
400107Satellite, space vehicle and missile design and testing
400199Aerospace engineering not elsewhere classified
4002Automotive engineering
400201Automotive combustion and fuel engineering
400202Automotive engineering materials
400203Automotive mechatronics and autonomous systems
400204Automotive safety engineering
400205Hybrid and electric vehicles and powertrains
400299Automotive engineering not elsewhere classified
4003Biomedical engineering
400303Biomechanical engineering
400304Biomedical imaging
400305Biomedical instrumentation
400306Computational physiology
400308Medical devices
400309Neural engineering
400310Rehabilitation engineering
400311Tissue engineering
400399Biomedical engineering not elsewhere classified
4004Chemical engineering
400401Carbon capture engineering (excl. sequestration)
400402Chemical and thermal processes in energy and combustion
400403Chemical engineering design
400404Electrochemical energy storage and conversion
400405Food engineering
400406Powder and particle technology
400407Process control and simulation
400408Reaction engineering (excl. nuclear reactions)
400409Separation technologies
400410Wastewater treatment processes
400411Water treatment processes
400499Chemical engineering not elsewhere classified
4005Civil engineering
400501Architectural engineering
400502Civil geotechnical engineering
400503Complex civil systems
400504Construction engineering
400505Construction materials
400506Earthquake engineering
400507Fire safety engineering
400508Infrastructure engineering and asset management
400509Structural dynamics
400510Structural engineering
400511Timber engineering
400512Transport engineering
400513Water resources engineering
400599Civil engineering not elsewhere classified
4006Communications engineering
400601Antennas and propagation
400602Data communications
400603Molecular, biological, and multi-scale communications
400604Network engineering
400605Optical fibre communication systems and technologies
400606Satellite communications
400607Signal processing
400608Wireless communication systems and technologies (incl. microwave and millimetrewave)
400699Communications engineering not elsewhere classified
4007Control engineering, mechatronics and robotics
400701Assistive robots and technology
400702Automation engineering
400703Autonomous vehicle systems
400705Control engineering
400706Field robotics
400707Manufacturing robotics
400708Mechatronics hardware design and architecture
400709Medical robotics
400711Simulation, modelling, and programming of mechatronics systems
400799Control engineering, mechatronics and robotics not elsewhere classified
4008Electrical engineering
400801Circuits and systems
400802Electrical circuits and systems
400803Electrical energy generation (incl. renewables, excl. photovoltaics)
400804Electrical energy storage
400805Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems
400806Electrical machines and drives
400807Engineering electromagnetics
400808Photovoltaic power systems
400899Electrical engineering not elsewhere classified
4009Electronics, sensors and digital hardware
400901Analog electronics and interfaces
400902Digital electronic devices
400903Digital processor architectures
400904Electronic device and system performance evaluation, testing and simulation
400905Electronic instrumentation
400906Electronic sensors
400907Industrial electronics
400909Photonic and electro-optical devices, sensors and systems (excl. communications)
400910Photovoltaic devices (solar cells)
400911Power electronics
400912Quantum engineering systems (incl. computing and communications)
400913Radio frequency engineering
400999Electronics, sensors and digital hardware not elsewhere classified
4010Engineering practice and education
401001Engineering design
401002Engineering education
401003Engineering practice
401004Humanitarian engineering
401005Risk engineering
401006Systems engineering
401099Engineering practice and education not elsewhere classified
4011Environmental engineering
401101Air pollution modelling and control
401102Environmentally sustainable engineering
401103Global and planetary environmental engineering
401104Health and ecological risk assessment
401105Life cycle assessment and industrial ecology
401106Waste management, reduction, reuse and recycling
401199Environmental engineering not elsewhere classified
4012Fluid mechanics and thermal engineering
401201Aerodynamics (excl. hypersonic aerodynamics)
401203Biomedical fluid mechanics
401204Computational methods in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer (incl. computational fluid dynamics)
401205Experimental methods in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer
401206Fluid-structure interaction and aeroacoustics
401207Fundamental and theoretical fluid dynamics
401208Geophysical and environmental fluid flows
401209Hydrodynamics and hydraulic engineering
401210Microfluidics and nanofluidics
401211Multiphysics flows (incl. multiphase and reacting flows)
401212Non-Newtonian fluid flows (incl. rheology)
401213Turbulent flows
401299Fluid mechanics and thermal engineering not elsewhere classified
4013Geomatic engineering
401301Cartography and digital mapping
401302Geospatial information systems and geospatial data modelling
401303Navigation and position fixing
401304Photogrammetry and remote sensing
401305Satellite-based positioning
401306Surveying (incl. hydrographic surveying)
401399Geomatic engineering not elsewhere classified
4014Manufacturing engineering
401401Additive manufacturing
401402CAD/CAM systems
401403Flexible manufacturing systems
401404Industrial engineering
401405Machine tools
401407Manufacturing management
401408Manufacturing processes and technologies (excl. textiles)
401409Manufacturing safety and quality
401411Packaging, storage and transportation (excl. food and agricultural products)
401412Precision engineering
401413Textile technology
401499Manufacturing engineering not elsewhere classified
4015Maritime engineering
401501Marine engineering
401502Naval architecture
401503Ocean engineering
401504Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics)
401505Special vehicles
401599Maritime engineering not elsewhere classified
4016Materials engineering
401602Composite and hybrid materials
401603Compound semiconductors
401604Elemental semiconductors
401605Functional materials
401607Metals and alloy materials
401608Organic semiconductors
401609Polymers and plastics
401610Timber, pulp and paper
401611Wearable materials
401699Materials engineering not elsewhere classified
4017Mechanical engineering
401701Acoustics and noise control (excl. architectural acoustics)
401702Dynamics, vibration and vibration control
401703Energy generation, conversion and storage (excl. chemical and electrical)
401704Mechanical engineering asset management
401705Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
401706Numerical modelling and mechanical characterisation
401707Solid mechanics
401799Mechanical engineering not elsewhere classified
401801Micro- and nanosystems
401802Molecular and organic electronics
401803Nanoelectromechanical systems
401805Nanofabrication, growth and self assembly
401810Nanoscale characterisation
401899Nanotechnology not elsewhere classified
4019Resources engineering and extractive metallurgy
401902Geomechanics and resources geotechnical engineering
401904Mineral processing/beneficiation
401905Mining engineering
401906Nuclear engineering (incl. fuel enrichment and waste processing and storage)
401907Petroleum and reservoir engineering
401999Resources engineering and extractive metallurgy not elsewhere classified
4099Other engineering
409901Agricultural engineering
409902Engineering instrumentation
409903Granular mechanics
409999Other engineering not elsewhere classified
4101Climate change impacts and adaptation
410101Carbon sequestration science
410102Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
410103Human impacts of climate change and human adaptation
410199Climate change impacts and adaptation not elsewhere classified
4102Ecological applications
410201Bioavailability and ecotoxicology
410202Biosecurity science and invasive species ecology
410203Ecosystem function
410204Ecosystem services (incl. pollination)
410205Fire ecology
410206Landscape ecology
410299Ecological applications not elsewhere classified
4103Environmental biotechnology
410302Biological control
410304Environmental biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors)
410305Environmental marine biotechnology
410306Environmental nanotechnology and nanometrology
410399Environmental biotechnology not elsewhere classified
4104Environmental management
410401Conservation and biodiversity
410402Environmental assessment and monitoring
410403Environmental education and extension
410404Environmental management
410405Environmental rehabilitation and restoration
410406Natural resource management
410407Wildlife and habitat management
410499Environmental management not elsewhere classified
4105Pollution and contamination
410501Environmental biogeochemistry
410502Noise and wave pollution processes and measurement
410503Groundwater quality processes and contaminated land assessment
410504Surface water quality processes and contaminated sediment assessment
410599Pollution and contamination not elsewhere classified
4106Soil sciences
410601Land capability and soil productivity
410602Pedology and pedometrics
410603Soil biology
410604Soil chemistry and soil carbon sequestration (excl. carbon sequestration science)
410605Soil physics
410699Soil sciences not elsewhere classified
4199Other environmental sciences
419999Other environmental sciences not elsewhere classified
4201Allied health and rehabilitation science
420101Arts therapy
420103Music therapy
420104Occupational therapy
420108Prosthetics and orthotics
420110Speech pathology
420199Allied health and rehabilitation science not elsewhere classified
420201Behavioural epidemiology
420202Disease surveillance
420203Environmental epidemiology
420204Epidemiological methods
420205Epidemiological modelling
420206Forensic epidemiology
420207Major global burdens of disease
420208Nutritional epidemiology
420209Occupational epidemiology
420210Social epidemiology
420299Epidemiology not elsewhere classified
4203Health services and systems
420301Aged health care
420302Digital health
420303Family care
420304General practice
420305Health and community services
420306Health care administration
420307Health counselling
420308Health informatics and information systems
420309Health management
420310Health surveillance
420311Health systems
420312Implementation science and evaluation
420313Mental health services
420315One health
420316Palliative care
420317Patient safety
420318People with disability
420319Primary health care
420320Residential client care
420321Rural and remote health services
420399Health services and systems not elsewhere classified
420401Clinical midwifery
420402Models of care and place of birth
420403Psychosocial aspects of childbirth and perinatal mental health
420499Midwifery not elsewhere classified
420501Acute care
420502Aged care nursing
420503Community and primary care
420504Mental health nursing
420505Nursing workforce
420506Sub-acute care
420599Nursing not elsewhere classified
4206Public health
420601Community child health
420602Health equity
420603Health promotion
420604Injury prevention
420605Preventative health care
420606Social determinants of health
420699Public health not elsewhere classified
4207Sports science and exercise
420702Exercise physiology
420703Motor control
420799Sports science and exercise not elsewhere classified
4208Traditional, complementary and integrative medicine
420803Traditional Chinese medicine and treatments
420899Traditional, complementary and integrative medicine not elsewhere classified
4299Other health sciences
429999Other health sciences not elsewhere classified
430101Archaeological science
430102Archaeology of Asia, Africa and the Americas
430103Archaeology of Australia (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)
430104Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
430105Archaeology of New Zealand (excl. Maori)
430106Digital archaeology
430107Historical archaeology (incl. industrial archaeology)
430108Maritime archaeology
430199Archaeology not elsewhere classified
4302Heritage, archive and museum studies
430201Archival, repository and related studies
430202Critical heritage, museum and archive studies
430203Cultural heritage management (incl. world heritage)
430204Digital heritage
430205Heritage and cultural conservation
430206Heritage collections and interpretations
430207Heritage tourism, visitor and audience studies
430208Intangible heritage
430209Materials conservation
430299Heritage, archive and museum studies not elsewhere classified
4303Historical studies
430301Asian history
430302Australian history
430304British history
430305Classical Greek and Roman history
430306Digital history
430307Environmental history
430308European history (excl. British, classical Greek and Roman)
430309Gender history
430310Global and world history
430311Historical studies of crime
430312Histories of race
430313History of empires, imperialism and colonialism
430314History of religion
430315History of the pacific
430316International history
430317Latin and South American history
430318Middle Eastern and North African history
430319Migration history
430320New Zealand history
430321North American history
430322Sub-Saharan African history
430323Transnational history
430399Historical studies not elsewhere classified
4399Other history, heritage and archaeology
439999Other history, heritage and archaeology not elsewhere classified
440101Anthropology of development
440102Anthropology of gender and sexuality
440103Biological (physical) anthropology
440104Environmental anthropology
440105Linguistic anthropology
440106Medical anthropology
440107Social and cultural anthropology
440199Anthropology not elsewhere classified
440201Causes and prevention of crime
440202Correctional theory, offender treatment and rehabilitation
440203Courts and sentencing
440204Crime and social justice
440205Criminological theories
440206Critical approaches to crime
440208Environmental crime
440209Gender and crime
440210Organised crime
440211Police administration, procedures and practice
440212Private policing and security services
440213Race/ethnicity and crime
440214Sociological studies of crime
440215State crime
440216Technology, crime and surveillance
440219White collar crime
440299Criminology not elsewhere classified
440301Family and household studies
440305Population trends and policies
440399Demography not elsewhere classified
4404Development studies
440401Development cooperation
440402Humanitarian disasters, conflict and peacebuilding
440403Labour, migration and development
440404Political economy and social change
440405Poverty, inclusivity and wellbeing
440406Rural community development
440407Socio-economic development
440408Urban community development
440499Development studies not elsewhere classified
4405Gender studies
440501Feminist and queer theory
440502Feminist methodologies
440503Feminist theory
440504Gender relations
440505Intersectional studies
440507Studies of men and masculinities
440508Transgender studies
440509Women's studies (incl. girls' studies)
440599Gender studies not elsewhere classified
4406Human geography
440601Cultural geography
440602Development geography
440603Economic geography
440604Environmental geography
440605Health geography
440606Political geography
440607Population geography
440608Recreation, leisure and tourism geography
440609Rural and regional geography
440610Social geography
440611Transport geography
440612Urban geography
440699Human geography not elsewhere classified
4407Policy and administration
440701Communications and media policy
440702Crime policy
440703Economic development policy
440704Environment policy
440705Gender, policy and administration
440706Health policy
440707Housing policy
440708Public administration
440709Public policy
440710Research, science and technology policy
440711Risk policy
440712Social policy
440713Tourism policy
440714Urban policy
440799Policy and administration not elsewhere classified
4408Political science
440801Australian government and politics
440803Comparative government and politics
440804Defence studies
440805Environmental politics
440806Gender and politics
440807Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific
440808International relations
440809New Zealand government and politics
440810Peace studies
440811Political theory and political philosophy
440899Political science not elsewhere classified
4409Social work
440901Clinical social work practice
440902Counselling, wellbeing and community services
440903Social program evaluation
440999Social work not elsewhere classified
441001Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment
441002Environmental sociology
441003Rural sociology
441004Social change
441005Social theory
441006Sociological methodology and research methods
441007Sociology and social studies of science and technology
441008Sociology of culture
441009Sociology of family and relationships
441010Sociology of gender
441011Sociology of health
441012Sociology of inequalities
441013Sociology of migration, ethnicity and multiculturalism
441014Sociology of religion
441015Sociology of the life course
441016Urban sociology and community studies
441099Sociology not elsewhere classified
4499Other human society
449901Studies of Asian society
449999Other human society not elsewhere classified
4501Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, language and history
450101Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander archaeology
450102Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artefacts
450103Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural history
450104Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
450105Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curatorial, archives and museum studies
450106Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ethics
450107Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history
450108Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander linguistics and languages
450109Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature, journalism and professional writing
450110Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media, film, animation and photography
450111Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and performing arts
450112Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander philosophy
450113Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander religion and religious studies
450114Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander repatriation
450115Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research methods
450116Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts
450117Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being and doing
450118Conservation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage
450199Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, language and history not elsewhere classified
4502Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
450201Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum and pedagogy
450202Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early childhood education
450203Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educational methods
450204Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander technical, further, continuing and community education
450205Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander higher education
450206Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language education
450207Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s education
450208Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary education
450209Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary education
450210Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student engagement and teaching
450211Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s education
450212Cultural responsiveness and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities education
450213Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges, histories, culture, country, perspectives and ethics in education
450299Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education not elsewhere classified
4503Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander environmental knowledges and management
450301Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander agriculture and forestry
450302Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander earth sciences
450303Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander environmental conservation
450304Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander environmental knowledges
450305Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fisheries and customary fisheries
450306Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and water management
450307Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander marine environment science
450399Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander environmental knowledges and management not elsewhere classified
4504Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing
450401Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and disability
450402Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander biomedical and clinical sciences
450403Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child health and wellbeing
450404Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural determinants of health
450405Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diet and nutrition
450406Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander epidemiology
450407Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy
450408Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion
450409Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services
450410Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life course
450411Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medicine and treatments
450412Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s health and wellbeing
450413Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwifery and paediatrics
450414Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies health and wellbeing
450415Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing
450416Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychology
450417Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public health and wellbeing
450418Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote health
450419Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social determinants of health
450420Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing
450421Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sport and physical activity
450422Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander theory of change models for health
450423Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and family social and emotional wellbeing
450499Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing not elsewhere classified
4505Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, society and community
450501Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander accounting
450502Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander anthropology
450503Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander architecture
450504Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commerce
450505Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and regional development
450506Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community governance and decision making
450507Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-based research
450508Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander criminology
450509Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customary law
450510Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design practice and management
450511Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economics
450512Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander finance
450513Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human geography and demography
450514Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legislation
450515Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander management
450516Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander marketing
450517Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander not-for-profit social enterprises
450518Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the law
450519Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives
450520Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander political participation and representation
450521Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander politics
450522Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social impact and program evaluation
450523Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social work and social justice
450524Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sociological studies
450525Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sociology
450526Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism
450527Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander urban and regional planning
450599Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, society and community not elsewhere classified
4506Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sciences
450601Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander astronomy and cosmology
450602Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander biological sciences
450603Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander computing technology use and design
450604Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engineering
450605Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander genomics
450606Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander information and knowledge management systems
450607Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander innovation
450608Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge management methods
450609Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mathematical, physical and chemical sciences (excl. astronomy and cosmology)
450699Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sciences not elsewhere classified
4507Te ahurea, reo me te hitori o te Maori (Maori culture, language and history)
450701Te whaomoomo i te tuku ihotanga Maori (conservation of Maori heritage)
450702Te mana wahine (female status)
450703Te mana tane (male status)
450704Te matai whaipara Maori (Maori archaeology)
450705Nga taonga Maori no mua (Maori artefacts)
450706Te hitori ahurea Maori (Maori cultural history)
450707Te ahurea Maori (Maori culture)
450708Nga matai kaitiaki, puranga me nga whare tongarewa o te Maori (Maori curatorial, archives and museum studies)
450709Nga matatika o te Maori (Maori ethics)
450710Te hitori Maori (Maori history)
450711Te whenua, ahurea me te tuakiri o te Maori (Maori land, culture and identity)
450712Te matai i te reo Maori me te reo Maori (Maori linguistics and languages)
450713Te matakorero, te kawe korero me te tuhituhi ngaio o te Maori (Maori literature, journalism and professional writing)
450714Nga arapaho, nga kiriata, te hakoritanga me te hopu whakaahua o te Maori (Maori media, film, animation and photography)
450715Te puoro me nga mahi a te rehia o te Maori (Maori music and performing arts)
450716Te rapunga whakaaro o te Maori (Maori philosophy)
450717Nga Kaupapa Maori (Maori projects)
450718Te whakapono me te matai whakapono o te Maori (Maori religion and religious studies)
450719Te whakahoki taonga a te Maori ki te kainga (Maori repatriation)
450720Nga tikanga rangahau o te Maori (Maori research methods)
450721Nga toi ataata nga mahi a-rehe o te Maori (Maori visual arts and crafts)
450799Te ahurea, reo, me te hitori o te Maori kaore ano kia whakaroputia i wahi ke (Maori culture, language and history not elsewhere classified)
4508Matauranga Maori (Maori education)
450801Nga kohanga reo (Maori curriculum and pedagogy)
450802Te Whariki - te matauranga kohungahunga Maori (Maori early childhood education)
450803Nga tikanga matauranga o te Maori (Maori educational methods)
450804Te matauranga kura tuatoru Maori (Maori higher education)
450805Te matauranga reo Maori (Maori language education)
450806Nga kura kaupapa Maori (Maori primary education)
450807Te urupare me te whai wahi Maori ki te matauranga (Maori responsiveness and engaged education)
450808Te matauranga kura tuarua Maori (Maori secondary education)
450809Te whai wahi akonga me nga mahi whakaako o te Maori (Maori student engagement and teaching)
450810To te Maori matauranga hangarau, matauranga atu ano, matauranga haere tonu, me te matauranga hapori (Maori technical, further, continuing and community education)
450811Te matauranga Maori i roto i te matauranga (Matauranga Maori in education)
450899Te matauranga Maori kaore ano kia whakaroputia i wahi ke (Maori education not elsewhere classified)
4509Nga matauranga taiao o te Maori (Maori environmental knowledges)
450901Te ahuwhenua me nga mahi ngahere o te Maori (Maori agriculture and forestry)
450902Nga putaiao-a-nuku o te Maori (Maori earth sciences)
450903Te whaomoomo taiao o te Maori (Maori environmental conservation)
450904Nga matauranga taiao o te Maori (Maori environmental knowledges)
450905Te ahumoana me te ahumoana tuku iho o te Maori (Maori fisheries and customary fisheries)
450906Te whakahaere whenua me te wai o te Maori (Maori land and water management)
450907Te putaiao taiao moana o te Maori (Maori marine environment science)
450999Nga matauranga taiao o te Maori kaore ano kia whakaroputia i wahi ke (Maori environmental knowledges not elsewhere classified)
4510Te hauora me te oranga o te Maori (Maori health and wellbeing)
451001Te whaikaha me te Maori (Maori and disability)
451002Nga putaiao koiora-hauora, haumanu hoki o te Maori (Maori biomedical and clinical sciences)
451003Nga tokoingoa ahurea o te hauora o te Maori (Maori cultural determinants of health)
451004Te horakai me nga kai o te Maori (Maori diet and nutrition)
451005Te matai tahumaero o te Maori (Maori epidemiology)
451006Nga kaupapahere hauora o te Maori (Maori health policy)
451007Te whakatairanga hauora o te Maori (Maori health promotion)
451008Nga wahanga ora o te Maori (Maori life course)
451009Nga rongoa me nga whakamaimoa o te Maori (Maori medicine and treatments)
451010Nga kaiwhakawhanau me te matai mate tamariki o te Maori (Maori midwifery and paediatrics)
451011Te hauora me te oranga a-whaea, a-pepi o te Maori (Maori mothers and babies health and wellbeing)
451012Te mahi tapuhi o te Maori (Maori nursing)
451013Matauranga hinengaro kaupapa Maori (Maori psychology)
451014Nga punaha matauranga hinengaro o te Maori (Maori psychology knowledge systems)
451015Te hauora me te oranga tumatanui o te Maori (Maori public health and wellbeing)
451016Te hauora mamao o te Maori (Maori remote health)
451017Te oranga a-papori, a-hinengaro, a-ahurea, a-wairua o te Maori (Maori social, cultural, emotional and spiritual wellbeing)
451018Nga tokoingoa papori o te hauora o te Maori (Maori social determinants of health)
451019Nga hakinakina me te korikori tinana o te Maori (Maori sport and physical activity)
451020Te aria o nga tauira panoni hauora o te Maori (Maori theory of change models for health)
451021Nga taiohi me nga whanau Maori (Maori youth and family)
451099Te hauora me te oranga o te Maori kaore ano kia whakaropuhia i wahi ke (Maori health and wellbeing not elsewhere classified)
4511Nga tangata, te porihanga me nga hapori o te Maori (Maori peoples, society and community)
451101Te mahi kaute o te Maori (Maori accounting)
451102Te matauranga tikanga Maori (Maori anthropology)
451103Te hoahoanga whare o te Maori (Maori architecture)  
451104Nga mahi tauhokohoko o te Maori (Maori commerce)
451105Te whanaketanga a-hapori, a-rohe o te Maori (Maori community and regional development)
451106Te rangahau kei ro hapori o te Maori (Maori community-based research)
451107Te kawana a-hapori, whakatau take hoki o te Maori (Maori community governance and decision making)
451108Te matauranga taihara Maori (Maori criminology)
451109Nga tikanga Maori (Maori customary law)
451110Te whakaharatau me te whakahaere hoahoa o te Maori (Maori design practice and management)
451111Te matauranga ohanga o te Maori (Maori economics)
451112Te ahumoni Maori (Maori finance)
451113Te matauranga matawhenua a-iwi me te tatauranga a-iwi o te Maori (Maori human geography and demography)
451114Te ture Whenua (Maori land law)
451115Te ture me te tika Maori (Maori law and justice)
451116Nga ture Maori (Maori legislation)
451117Te whakahaere o te Maori (Maori management)
451118Te whakamakete o te Maori (Maori marketing)
451119Nga hinonga papori kaupapa atawhai o te Maori (Maori not-for-profit social enterprises)
451120Nga iwi Maori me te ture (Maori peoples and the law)
451121Nga tirohanga Maori (Maori perspectives)
451122Te whai wahi me te whakakanohi taha torangapu o te Maori (Maori political participation and representation)
451123Nga mahi torangapu Maori (Maori politics)
451124Nga ture rawa Maori (Maori resource law)
451125Te papatanga papori me te aromatai hotaka o te Maori (Maori social impact and program evaluation)
451126Nga mahi tauwhiro me te tika papori o te Maori (Maori social work and social justice)
451127Nga matai tikanga a-iwi o te Maori (Maori sociological studies)
451128Te matauranga papori o te Maori (Maori sociology)
451129Te mahi tapoi Maori (Maori tourism)
451130Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi)
451131Te whakamahere a-taone, a-rohe o te Maori (Maori urban and regional planning)
451199Nga tangata, te porihanga me nga hapori o te Maori kaore ano kia whakaroputia i wahi ke (Maori peoples, society and community not elsewhere classified)
4512Nga putaiao Maori (Maori sciences)
451201Te matai arorangi me te matai tuarangi o te Maori (Maori astronomy and cosmology)
451202Nga putaiao koiora o te Maori (Maori biological sciences)
451203Te whakamahi me te hoahoa o te hangarau rorohiko o te Maori (Maori computing technology use and design)
451204Te mana motuhake o nga raraunga Maori (Maori data sovereignty)
451205Te matauranga pukaha o te Maori (Maori engineering)
451206Te matai huingaira o te Maori (Maori genomics)
451207Nga punaha whakahaere mohiohio me te matauranga o te Maori (Maori information and knowledge management systems)
451208Te wairua auaha o te Maori (Maori innovation)
451209Nga tikanga whakahaere mohiotanga Maori (Maori knowledge management methods)
451210Nga putaiao pangarau, okiko, matu hoki - haunga te matai arorangi me te matai tuarangi o te Maori (Maori mathematical, physical and chemical sciences - excl. astronomy and cosmology)
451211Te tukatuka reo noa o te Maori (Maori natural language processing)
451299Nga putaiao Maori kaore ano kia whakaropuhia i wahi ke (Maori sciences not elsewhere classified)
4513Pacific Peoples culture, language and history
451301Archaeology of New Guinea and Pacific Islands (excl. New Zealand)
451302Conservation of Pacific Peoples heritage
451303Pacific Peoples artefacts
451304Pacific Peoples cultural history
451305Pacific Peoples culture
451306Pacific Peoples curatorial, archives and museum studies
451307Pacific Peoples ethics
451308Pacific Peoples history
451309Pacific Peoples land, culture and identity
451310Pacific Peoples linguistics and languages
451311Pacific Peoples literature, journalism and professional writing
451312Pacific Peoples media, film, animation and photography
451313Pacific Peoples music and performing arts
451314Pacific Peoples philosophy
451315Pacific Peoples religion and religious studies
451316Pacific Peoples repatriation
451317Pacific Peoples research methods
451318Pacific Peoples visual arts and crafts
451319Pacific Peoples ways of knowing, being and doing
451399Pacific Peoples culture, language and history not elsewhere classified
4514Pacific Peoples education
451401Cultural responsiveness and working with Pacific Peoples communities education
451402Embedding Pacific Peoples knowledges, histories, culture, country, perspectives and ethics in education
451403Pacific Peoples curriculum and pedagogy
451404Pacific Peoples early childhood education
451405Pacific Peoples educational methods
451406Pacific Peoples technical, further, continuing and community education
451407Pacific Peoples higher education
451408Pacific Peoples language education
451409Pacific Peoples men’s education
451410Pacific Peoples primary education
451411Pacific Peoples secondary education
451412Pacific Peoples student engagement and teaching
451413Pacific Peoples women’s education
451499Pacific Peoples education not elsewhere classified
4515Pacific Peoples environmental knowledges
451501Pacific Peoples agriculture and forestry
451502Pacific Peoples earth sciences
451503Pacific Peoples environmental conservation
451504Pacific Peoples environmental knowledges
451505Pacific Peoples fisheries and customary fisheries
451506Pacific Peoples land and water management
451507Pacific Peoples marine environment science
451599Pacific Peoples environmental knowledges not elsewhere classified
4516Pacific Peoples health and wellbeing
451601Pacific Peoples and disability
451602Pacific Peoples biomedical and clinical science
451603Pacific Peoples cultural determinants of health
451604Pacific Peoples diet and nutrition
451605Pacific Peoples epidemiology
451606Pacific Peoples health policy
451607Pacific Peoples health promotion
451608Pacific Peoples life course
451609Pacific Peoples medicine and treatments
451610Pacific Peoples midwifery and paediatrics
451611Pacific Peoples mothers and babies health and wellbeing
451612Pacific Peoples nursing
451613Pacific Peoples psychology
451614Pacific Peoples public health and wellbeing
451615Pacific Peoples remote health
451616Pacific Peoples social determinants of health
451617Pacific Peoples social, cultural, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
451618Pacific Peoples sport and physical activity
451619Pacific Peoples theory of change models for health
451620Pacific Peoples youth and family
451699Pacific Peoples health and wellbeing not elsewhere classified
4517Pacific Peoples sciences
451701Pacific Peoples astronomy and cosmology
451702Pacific Peoples biological sciences
451703Pacific Peoples computing technology use and design
451704Pacific Peoples engineering
451705Pacific Peoples genomics
451706Pacific Peoples information and knowledge management systems
451707Pacific Peoples innovation
451708Pacific Peoples knowledge management methods
451709Pacific Peoples mathematical, physical and chemical sciences (excl. astronomy and cosmology)
451799Pacific Peoples sciences not elsewhere classified
4518Pacific Peoples society and community
451801Pacific Peoples and the law
451802Pacific Peoples anthropology
451803Pacific Peoples architecture
451804Pacific Peoples commerce
451805Pacific Peoples community and regional development
451806Pacific Peoples community governance and decision making
451807Pacific Peoples community-based research
451808Pacific Peoples criminology
451809Pacific Peoples customary law
451810Pacific Peoples design practice and management
451811Pacific Peoples economics
451812Pacific Peoples finance
451813Pacific Peoples human geography and demography
451814Pacific Peoples legislation
451815Pacific Peoples management
451816Pacific Peoples marketing
451817Pacific Peoples not-for-profit social enterprises
451818Pacific Peoples perspectives
451819Pacific Peoples political participation and representation
451820Pacific Peoples politics
451821Pacific Peoples social impact and program evaluation
451822Pacific Peoples social work and social justice
451823Pacific Peoples sociological studies
451824Pacific Peoples sociology
451825Pacific Peoples tourism
451826Pacific Peoples urban and regional planning
451899Pacific Peoples, society and community not elsewhere classified
4519Other Indigenous data, methodologies and global Indigenous studies
451901Global Indigenous studies culture, language and history
451902Global Indigenous studies environmental knowledges and management
451903Global Indigenous studies health and wellbeing
451904Global Indigenous studies peoples, society and community
451905Global Indigenous studies sciences
451906Indigenous data and data technologies
451907Indigenous methodologies
451999Other Indigenous data, methodologies and global Indigenous studies not elsewhere classified
4599Other Indigenous studies
459999Other Indigenous studies not elsewhere classified
4601Applied computing
460101Applications in arts and humanities
460102Applications in health
460103Applications in life sciences
460104Applications in physical sciences
460105Applications in social sciences and education
460106Spatial data and applications
460199Applied computing not elsewhere classified
4602Artificial intelligence
460201Artificial life and complex adaptive systems
460202Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems
460203Evolutionary computation
460204Fuzzy computation
460205Intelligent robotics
460206Knowledge representation and reasoning
460207Modelling and simulation
460208Natural language processing
460209Planning and decision making
460210Satisfiability and optimisation
460211Speech production
460212Speech recognition
460299Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified
4603Computer vision and multimedia computation
460301Active sensing
460302Audio processing
460303Computational imaging
460304Computer vision
460305Image and video coding
460306Image processing
460307Multimodal analysis and synthesis
460308Pattern recognition
460309Video processing
460399Computer vision and multimedia computation not elsewhere classified
4604Cybersecurity and privacy
460402Data and information privacy
460403Data security and protection
460404Digital forensics
460405Hardware security
460406Software and application security
460407System and network security
460499Cybersecurity and privacy not elsewhere classified
4605Data management and data science
460501Data engineering and data science
460502Data mining and knowledge discovery
460503Data models, storage and indexing
460504Data quality
460505Database systems
460506Graph, social and multimedia data
460507Information extraction and fusion
460508Information retrieval and web search
460509Query processing and optimisation
460510Recommender systems
460511Stream and sensor data
460599Data management and data science not elsewhere classified
4606Distributed computing and systems software
460601Cloud computing
460602Concurrent/parallel systems and technologies
460603Cyberphysical systems and internet of things
460604Dependable systems
460605Distributed systems and algorithms
460606Energy-efficient computing
460607High performance computing
460608Mobile computing
460609Networking and communications
460610Operating systems
460611Performance evaluation
460612Service oriented computing
460699Distributed computing and systems software not elsewhere classified
4607Graphics, augmented reality and games
460701Computer aided design
460702Computer graphics
460703Entertainment and gaming
460704Interactive narrative
460705Procedural content generation
460706Serious games
460707Sound and music computing
460708Virtual and mixed reality
460799Graphics, augmented reality and games not elsewhere classified
4608Human-centred computing
460801Accessible computing
460802Affective computing
460803Collaborative and social computing
460804Computing education
460805Fairness, accountability, transparency, trust and ethics of computer systems
460806Human-computer interaction
460807Information visualisation
460808Mixed initiative and human-in-the-loop
460809Pervasive computing
460810Social robotics
460899Human-centred computing not elsewhere classified
4609Information systems
460901Business process management
460902Decision support and group support systems
460903Information modelling, management and ontologies
460904Information security management
460905Information systems development methodologies and practice
460906Information systems education
460907Information systems for sustainable development and the public good
460908Information systems organisation and management
460909Information systems philosophy, research methods and theory
460910Information systems user experience design and development
460911Inter-organisational, extra-organisational and global information systems
460912Knowledge and information management
460999Information systems not elsewhere classified
4610Library and information studies
461001Digital curation and preservation
461002Human information behaviour
461003Human information interaction and retrieval
461004Information governance, policy and ethics
461006Library studies
461007Open access
461008Organisation of information and knowledge resources
461009Recordkeeping informatics
461010Social and community informatics
461099Library and information studies not elsewhere classified
4611Machine learning
461101Adversarial machine learning
461102Context learning
461103Deep learning
461104Neural networks
461105Reinforcement learning
461106Semi- and unsupervised learning
461199Machine learning not elsewhere classified
4612Software engineering
461201Automated software engineering
461202Empirical software engineering
461203Formal methods for software
461204Programming languages
461205Requirements engineering
461206Software architecture
461207Software quality, processes and metrics
461208Software testing, verification and validation
461299Software engineering not elsewhere classified
4613Theory of computation
461301Coding, information theory and compression
461302Computational complexity and computability
461303Computational logic and formal languages
461304Concurrency theory
461305Data structures and algorithms
461306Numerical computation and mathematical software
461307Quantum computation
461399Theory of computation not elsewhere classified
4699Other information and computing sciences
469999Other information and computing sciences not elsewhere classified
4701Communication and media studies
470101Communication studies
470102Communication technology and digital media studies
470103Environmental communication
470104International and development communication
470105Journalism studies
470106Media industry studies
470107Media studies
470108Organisational, interpersonal and intercultural communication
470199Communication and media studies not elsewhere classified
4702Cultural studies
470201Arts and cultural policy
470202Asian cultural studies
470203Consumption and everyday life
470204Cultural and creative industries
470205Cultural studies of agriculture, food and wine
470206Cultural studies of nation and region
470207Cultural theory
470208Culture, representation and identity
470209Environment and culture
470210Globalisation and culture
470211Migrant cultural studies
470212Multicultural, intercultural and cross-cultural studies
470213Postcolonial studies
470214Screen and media culture
470299Cultural studies not elsewhere classified
4703Language studies
470301African languages
470302Central and Eastern European languages (incl. Russian)
470303Chinese languages
470304Comparative language studies
470305Early English languages
470306English as a second language
470307English language
470308French language
470309German language
470310Iberian languages
470311Indian languages
470312Indonesian languages
470313Italian language
470314Japanese language
470315Korean language
470316Latin and classical Greek languages
470317Middle Eastern languages
470318Other Asian languages (excl. South-East Asian)
470319Other European languages
470320South-East Asian languages (excl. Indonesian)
470321Translation and interpretation studies
470399Language studies not elsewhere classified
470401Applied linguistics and educational linguistics
470402Child language acquisition
470403Computational linguistics
470404Corpus linguistics
470405Discourse and pragmatics
470406Historical, comparative and typological linguistics
470407Language documentation and description
470408Lexicography and semantics
470409Linguistic structures (incl. phonology, morphology and syntax)
470410Phonetics and speech science
470499Linguistics not elsewhere classified
4705Literary studies
470501African literature
470502Australian literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature)
470503Book history
470504British and Irish literature
470505Central and Eastern European literature (incl. Russian)
470506Children's literature
470507Comparative and transnational literature
470508Digital literature
470510Indian literature
470511Indonesian literature
470512Korean literature
470513Latin and classical Greek literature
470514Literary theory
470515Literature in Chinese
470516Literature in French
470517Literature in German
470518Literature in Italian
470519Literature in Japanese
470520Literature in Spanish and Portuguese
470521Middle Eastern literature
470522New Zealand literature (excl. Maori literature)
470523North American literature
470524Other Asian literature (excl. South-East Asian)
470525Other European literature
470526Other literatures in English
470527Popular and genre literature
470528Print culture
470529South-East Asian literature (excl. Indonesian)
470530Stylistics and textual analysis
470531Young adult literature
470599Literary studies not elsewhere classified
4799Other language, communication and culture
479999Other language, communication and culture not elsewhere classified
4801Commercial law
480101Banking, finance and securities law
480102Commercial law
480103Corporations and associations law
480104Labour law
480105Not-for-profit law
480106Taxation law
480199Commercial law not elsewhere classified
4802Environmental and resources law
480201Animal law
480202Climate change law
480203Environmental law
480204Mining, energy and natural resources law
480299Environmental and resources law not elsewhere classified
4803International and comparative law
480301Asian and Pacific law
480302Comparative law
480303Conflict of laws (incl. private international law)
480304European Union law
480305International arbitration
480306International criminal law
480307International humanitarian and human rights law
480308International trade and investment law
480309Ocean law and governance
480310Public international law
480311Space, maritime and aviation law
480399International and comparative law not elsewhere classified
4804Law in context
480401Criminal law
480402Family law
480403Law and humanities
480404Law and religion
480405Law and society and socio-legal research
480406Law reform
480407Law, gender and sexuality (incl. feminist legal scholarship)
480408Law, science and technology
480409Legal education
480410Legal theory, jurisprudence and legal interpretation
480411Media and communication law
480412Medical and health law
480413Race, ethnicity and law
480414Sports law
480499Law in context not elsewhere classified
4805Legal systems
480501Access to justice
480502Civil procedure
480503Criminal procedure
480504Legal institutions (incl. courts and justice systems)
480505Legal practice, lawyering and the legal profession
480506Litigation, adjudication and dispute resolution
480507Youth justice
480599Legal systems not elsewhere classified
4806Private law and civil obligations
480601Contract law
480602Equity and trusts law
480603Intellectual property law
480604Property law (excl. intellectual property law)
480605Tort law
480699Private law and civil obligations not elsewhere classified
4807Public law
480701Administrative law
480702Constitutional law
480703Domestic human rights law
480704Migration, asylum and refugee law
480705Military law and justice
480706Privacy and data rights
480707Welfare, insurance, disability and social security law
480799Public law not elsewhere classified
4899Other law and legal studies
489999Other law and legal studies not elsewhere classified
4901Applied mathematics
490101Approximation theory and asymptotic methods
490102Biological mathematics
490103Calculus of variations, mathematical aspects of systems theory and control theory
490104Complex systems
490105Dynamical systems in applications
490106Financial mathematics
490107Mathematical methods and special functions
490108Operations research
490109Theoretical and applied mechanics
490199Applied mathematics not elsewhere classified
4902Mathematical physics
490201Algebraic structures in mathematical physics
490202Integrable systems (classical and quantum)
490203Mathematical aspects of classical mechanics, quantum mechanics and quantum information theory
490204Mathematical aspects of general relativity
490205Mathematical aspects of quantum and conformal field theory, quantum gravity and string theory
490206Statistical mechanics, physical combinatorics and mathematical aspects of condensed matter
490299Mathematical physics not elsewhere classified
4903Numerical and computational mathematics
490301Experimental mathematics
490302Numerical analysis
490303Numerical solution of differential and integral equations
490399Numerical and computational mathematics not elsewhere classified
4904Pure mathematics
490401Algebra and number theory
490402Algebraic and differential geometry
490403Category theory, k theory, homological algebra
490404Combinatorics and discrete mathematics (excl. physical combinatorics)
490405Group theory and generalisations
490406Lie groups, harmonic and Fourier analysis
490407Mathematical logic, set theory, lattices and universal algebra
490408Operator algebras and functional analysis
490409Ordinary differential equations, difference equations and dynamical systems
490410Partial differential equations
490411Real and complex functions (incl. several variables)
490499Pure mathematics not elsewhere classified
490501Applied statistics
490503Computational statistics
490504Forensic evaluation, inference and statistics
490505Large and complex data theory
490506Probability theory
490507Spatial statistics
490508Statistical data science
490509Statistical theory
490510Stochastic analysis and modelling
490511Time series and spatial modelling
490599Statistics not elsewhere classified
4999Other mathematical sciences
499999Other mathematical sciences not elsewhere classified
5001Applied ethics
500102Business ethics
500103Ethical use of new technology
500104Human rights and justice issues (excl. law)
500105Legal ethics
500106Medical ethics
500107Professional ethics
500199Applied ethics not elsewhere classified
5002History and philosophy of specific fields
500201History and philosophy of engineering and technology
500202History and philosophy of law and justice
500203History and philosophy of medicine
500204History and philosophy of science
500205History and philosophy of the humanities
500206History and philosophy of the social sciences
500207History of ideas
500208History of philosophy
500299History and philosophy of specific fields not elsewhere classified
500302Critical theory
500303Decision theory
500304Environmental philosophy
500306Ethical theory
500311Philosophical psychology (incl. moral psychology and philosophy of action)
500312Philosophy of cognition
500313Philosophy of gender
500314Philosophy of language
500315Philosophy of mind (excl. cognition)
500316Philosophy of religion
500317Philosophy of science (excl. history and philosophy of specific fields)