Future Students Is It Possible to Get a Nursing Degree Online

Is It Possible to Get a Nursing Degree Online?

There are many reasons why people choose to obtain their nursing degree. You might be fresh out of school and want to take steps towards a career in nursing, or perhaps you are ready for a career change. Whatever your reason for studying, a nursing degree can enable you to achieve your goals.

But not everyone has the time or capability to put their life on hold and head to university. In the past, applicants had to choose where and when to study but in recent times, students can also decide how to study. Online education has taken modern industry by storm with more and more Australians asking can I get a nursing degree online? And the answer is yes.

So Why Choose an Online Course?

Online learning is an increasingly popular way to study, and nursing students are discovering the benefits of choosing an online course.


One of the main benefits of online learning is the flexibility it brings. You aren’t tied to the academic year, a strict timetable or have to be on campus for those early lectures. If you have family ties or other commitments, online learning will give you the flexibility you need to succeed.


Some people simply don’t thrive in social situations, and that’s ok. If you are nervous about returning to study or sitting in a busy lecture hall, online learning could be the pathway to choose. You can study in the comfort of your own home without compromising on support.


It’s easy to have a misconception of online studying as being mundane and one-note. But rest assured this is not the case. You’ll be participating in activities, quizzes, discussions, videos and audio presentations alongside lectures and online reading.


An online course is a fantastic asset to your resume and will be valued by employers when you graduate. It demonstrates key skills such as digital fluency, self-motivation, discipline, time management, organisation and determination, and shows you have a real passion for a career in nursing.

What Can I Expect from Online Study?

When completing a degree online instead of offline, you can expect the same quality of lectures, the same opportunities for experience and the same potential for success when graduating. So, always ensure that you choose a university that provides a high-quality course with a range of learning styles. This will maintain engagement and allow you to thrive when studying.

In an online nursing degree, your on-site placements will remain the same, the examination process will remain the same and the quality of learning will remain the same. You will graduate ready to kick-start your career in nursing.

Study Nursing Online with James Cook University

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