At the Marine Physics Laboratory we are always trying to come up with novel ways of monitoring and recording the physical events that occur in the waters around us. If you would like more information on any of our currently produced products please do not hesitate to contact us.


We have spent many years developing the best methods to measure water turbidity and accurately gauge the deposition of sediment in marine environments. The instruments we currently manufacture also include sensors for light pressure and temperature and can be connected to telemetry to provide real-time data without needing to go to site.

Marotte Current Meter

Inexpensive and reliable measurement of current has been a request of many researchers. Our new Marotte current meter is able to record water velocity within ± 0.05m/s and direction within ± 5° for the fraction of the cost of an acoustic-doppler type instrument. Inherently simple by design, the Marotte logs the tilt of a buoyant 'lollipop' in the water. This logged data is then processed to determine water velocity.  See: Technical Specifications

Spider Monkey Water Sampler

Most recently our suspended sediment studies have led to the development of this novel water sampler. Used in conjunction with a 1000 Series Nepholometer, the Spider Monkey can take up to 12 water samples at predefined times or at predefined turbidity levels. See: Technical Specifications

Lotus River Drifter

Conceived for the study of suspended sediment in rivers during flood events, the Lotus aims to be a low cost, drifting turbidity logger. Initial trials in flooding North Queensland rivers have proven a good recovery rate and the first batch of 100 drifters is currently under construction. See: More information