Over the years, our commitment to research of the aquatic environment has enabled us to develop skills in a variety of key areas including: suspended sediment monitoring, bathymetry mapping and remote sensing. We are now able to provide these highly specialised services to others in the scientific community and industry. For a detailed list of projects we have been involved in see consulting.

Suspended Sediment Monitoring

Deploying instruments in the marine environment presents challenges that can not only be costly but also affect data integrity. Our staff have performed countless deployments of nephelometers and are familiar with the problems that can occur. From deployment to data analysis and delivery, we provide a complete sediment monitoring solution that can be highly customised according to our clients' needs. 

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Data Analysis & Interpretation

After many years of analysing suspended sediment data (turbidity), our staff know exactly what to look for and how water turbidity relates to other physical phenomena. Since mid 2011 we have been working hard to be able to provide data to our clients in real-time. Now using our semi-automated data processing we are able to quickly provide accurate water quality data on demand.

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Bathymetry Mapping

Our knowledge of Bathymetry mapping started out as part of the research of Dr Thomas Stieglitz. His mapping of the reef around a number of wrecks and the discovery of 'Wonky holes' off the North Queensland coast produced some remarkable 3D images of the sea floor.

Operating as a consultant we have performed bathymetry mapping in the Purari River in Papua New Guinea. If you wish to know more about this service please contact us.

Remote Sensing

Recently we have been working with NASA's satellite images to asses water quality along the Queensland coast. Should you like to learn more about this service please contact us.