Professor Jamaluddin Jompa

portrait of Jamaluddin Jompa

2018 Chancellor's Award Recipient.
College Recipient, College of Science and Engineering

Professor Jamaluddin Jompa is one of Indonesia’s top scientists, and arguably one of the country’s best in marine and environmental science. He is currently Rector of Hasanuddin University.

His early scientific work on coral reef processes has been influential within the international marine community, and his recent research continues to push the boundaries of innovation, knowledge and application for marine and coastal resources.

Soon after his graduation from James Cook University, he was appointed Director of the Coral Reef Study Centre at Hasanuddin University. This centre was the main player in the development of coral reef knowledge in Indonesia and has been internationally recognised for its efforts. Because of his scientific and professional reputation, Professor Jompa was then called on to serve the country in several roles at provincial and national levels.

Professor Jompa shows exemplary leadership across Indonesia’s scientific community, engaging with policy makers and those who implement programs, by brokering knowledge between science and strategy. His passion, drive, ethical integrity and political nuance is taking Indonesia forward and making real progress towards sustainable resource management, and his leadership and care is ensuring that the upcoming generations of Indonesian scientists have the opportunities, the platform, and the capabilities to drive Indonesia’s economic, social, and environmental future. Since 2019 he has become a Pew Fellow, aiming to match science and policy to support the fraught process of marine protected area transference from regency to provincial governments under Regional Autonomy Law 23/2014.

Professor Jompa has consistently encouraged and contributed to the strengthening of interdisciplinary approaches to better solve local, national and global problems. Within Hasanuddin University he has played a leading role in establishing centres of excellence including the Centre of Excellence for Interdisciplinary and Sustainability Science (CEISS) and SDGs Centre, and still serves as Chair of the Centre of Excellence for Marine Resilience and Sustainable Development (MARSAVE CoE). At the national level, he has been pivotal in bringing together young scientists for collaborative projects, including the establishment of the Indonesian Young Academy of Science (ALMI), of which he was elected the first president. In 2021 he was elected to the prestigious Indonesian Academy of Science (AIPI).

Regionally, Professor Jompa has made exceptional and far-reaching contributions to the scientific community and has been instrumental in the development and running of the Coral Triangle Initiative - a regional project in which the Australian government has been a key development partner.

Professor Jompa is also deeply passionate about Australia-Indonesia relations and works to enhance the people-to-people linkages, particularly amongst science and management communities. He is a strong champion and advocate for James Cook University, promoting the University at every opportunity.

Professor Jompa continues to produce high-quality science on the ecology of tropical coastal ecosystems. His original work on marine algae continues to be heavily cited and has been extremely impactful, demonstrating his value as a key researcher and alumnus in the Australian and South-East Asian region. In 2017 he was awarded the best scientist at Hasanuddin University in terms of cited international publications. As Rector he is now more focused on strengthening a culture of innovative and collaborative research across the academic community.

Professor Jamaluddin Jompa graduated from James Cook University in 2003 with a PhD in Science. His thesis title was “Interactions between Macroalgae and Scleractinian Corals in the Context of Reef Degradation.”

Updated 2023