Mr Evan Casella

Portrait of Mr Evan Casella

2020 Early Career College Recipient,  College of Healthcare Sciences

Evan Casella diverted his career from construction work to a Bachelor of Nursing Science, graduating from James Cook University in 2014. As a student, he interned at the World Health Organisation, co-authored multiple journal publications, volunteered for the Saint John Ambulance and presented his research at the International Council of Nurses Congress.

He has since worked as a Registered Nurse in the Cairns Hospital Emergency Department while also serving part-time in the Australian Army. To improve Cairns community emergency healthcare, Evan undertook post-graduate studies in emergency nursing and drove clinical excellence through initiatives such as founding and facilitating the Cairns Clinical Facilitator Symposium. He is now studying towards a Juris Doctorate with the intent to progress his career into the sphere of international law and foreign affairs.

Evan currently lives transiently between Vienna, Austria, and Australia to support his wife's career aspirations. In doing so, he continues to contribute to healthcare by orchestrating and facilitating a music program for people living with disabilities in Vienna. Evan also continues to serve with the Australian Army and has contributed to Australian diplomacy through roles such as the Executive Assistant to the Australian Ambassador of Australia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Vienna. Upon completion of the Juris Doctorate, Evan intends to use his knowledge in healthcare, defence, and law to pursue Australian interests in the international arena.

Updated 2023