Dr Trent Munro

2023 Trailblazer Award

Trent Munro

Professor Trent Munro has had an outstanding career in biomedical research and biotechnology spanning both academia and industry. His innovative work and contributions have earned him the 2023 JCU Trailblazer Award.

With a Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) from JCU, PhD from University Queensland (UQ) and postdoctoral studies at, Harvard Medical School and University of Cambridge, Professor Munro’s career has traversed RNA biology, developmental genetics, enhancing research translation, and development of novel therapeutics and vaccines.

In 2013 Professor Munro moved to the multinational biotech company Amgen, based in California, where he held a variety of leadership roles, including Executive Director of Process Development. During this time, he worked on a broad range of therapeutic programs, many of which are now marketed products helping patients worldwide, including new treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease and migraine. Professor Munro has consistently demonstrated his ability for forward-thinking, ground-breaking and visionary leadership in biological, biotechnology and bioengineering research.

During his time as a Senior Group Leader in the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at UQ, Professor Munro was the program director for the UQ COVID-19 vaccine program, moving from discovery to clinical trials in six months. This included establishing a partnership with CSL, while also raising over $25m in project funding in 2020 alone to accelerate this work.

Professor Munro’s track record of innovation and its translation led to a role with ASX listed Australia Biotechnology company Microba, where he is currently Senior Vice President of Therapeutics. With a view to continue investing in the future of biotechnology, Professor Munro maintains an active research program as an Industry Professor at the University of Queensland and supports strategic initiatives to build linkages between Academia and Industry.