FMPM 740 Travel 

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To set out the overarching principles to guide decisions in respect of the request, review and approval of travel for Official University Business.


This policy applies to all staff, students, guests who undertake travel in order to execute Official University Business.



Responsibility of

Approval to undertake travel and incur related expenditures.

In accordance with Financial Delegation Policy and Financial Delegation Register.

Compliance with related legislation

Chief Financial Officer

Establishment and review of travel allowances

Chief Financial Officer



A person or people engaged by the University to execute Official University Business who is not a staff member or student.

Incidental costs

Additional costs incurred by the traveller to conduct Official University Business limited to items such as: Wi-Fi, telephone, laundry, short term parking and public transport tickets. Gratuities and any costs of a personal or entertainment nature such as toiletries or magazines are not reimbursable.

Official University Business

Activities that enable the effective execution of teaching, research, engagement and administration of the University or that are otherwise approved by the relevant Financial Delegate.

Preferred Supplier

Suppliers engaged under a preferred supplier arrangement with the University after appropriate competitive process.

Reasonable travel, sustenance and shelter

Expenditure directly related to travel that a reasonable person would consider appropriate to execute Official University Business in a safe, timely, efficient and professional manner.

Travel expenses

Costs associated with transport, accommodation, sustenance (being all meals and snacks), incidentals and booking of travel.


The University will pay or reimburse travel expenses incurred by staff and students on approved Official University Business travel for costs associated with:

  • maintaining the health and safety of the traveller
  • efficiently and economically fulfilling the Official University Business purpose of the travel
  • providing reasonable transport, sustenance and shelter for the traveller while executing Official University Business
  • compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; and
  • booking, paying for and acquitting travel related activity when undertaken using the University’s Preferred Suppliers.

Travel must be subject to approval from the appropriate delegate in advance of any expenses being incurred and undertaken in conjunction with FMPM 741: Procedure – Travel. Expenditure that is not addressed by this policy is subject to FMPM 710: Procurement and FMPM 711: Procurement Procedure.

Payment or reimbursement of costs is subject to the provision of appropriate evidence of the approval, nature, value, timing and source of expenditure through the expense management system within 21 days of a trip being completed.

The University will not reimburse or pay for expenses incurred in relation to private travel as described by the Australian Taxation Office, or expenses determined by the approver to be unreasonable when considering the Official University Business purpose of travel.

The administration of Guest travel will be determined by the nature of the agreement between the University and the Guest. Where the University incurs travel costs directly for Guest travellers this policy applies.   Where Guests incur travel expenditure in accordance with terms agreed with the University and seek reimbursement this policy does not apply.

Related documents, legislation or JCU Statutes

Directive No.9/11 Domestic Travelling and Relieving Expenses

Financial Accountability Act 2009

Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009

Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

Industrial Relations Act (Qld) 1999

Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

Payroll Tax Act 1971

Public Sector Ethics Act (Qld) 1994

Public Service Commission - Policies and Procedures

Public Service Regulation 2008

State Procurement Policy (published by the Queensland Government)

Various Tax Rulings, as applicable

Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 2011

Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2003


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University Management

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Chief Financial Officer

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Vice Chancellor

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Amendments to reference University’s sustainability ideals, remove procedure, align with current form of FMPM documents and increase clarity.





Policy Sponsor and Approval Authority updated to reflect the approved Policy and Delegations Framework

Quality Standards and Policy Unit




Finance Committee (07/11)