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The Connected Researcher

Even the most highly skilled and capable researcher benefits from communicating and collaborating with their peers and with other professionals. The Networking section of the portal relates to the support for researchers that exists at a person-to-person level.

Here you will find links to information about

  • Researcher networks across JCU
  • Opportunities for research to be showcased and rewarded

Advisor Networks

Supporting our Supervisors

Five community of practice groups will be convened each year between 12:00 - 1:00pm on a weekday. Attendance is possible face to face in Townsville, Cairns and via Zoom. An email invitation is issued to advisors via the Graduate Research School. Current advisors are encouraged to offer topics, present and participate. Topics are intended to allow sharing of practice and open discussion to help advisors navigate their research environment successfully.

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Supporting Women Advisors' Network (SWAN)

An opportunity to meet an exceptional woman advisor, researcher and leader and learn from her experience. A provocation will be raised to encourage you to work together to identify and realise your goals as a research advisor. Access via zoom for all JCU staff from all campuses.

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Early Career Research Advisor Network

Early career researchers (ECRs) are academic staff who have completed doctoral studies in the last five years (periods of maternity, career or extended leave will be deducted when assessing eligibility) on any JCU campus and in any discipline.

We invite ECRs who are members of JCU’s academic staff to participate in our ECR training program. We provide a range of opportunities.

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Awards for Excellence

The Awards for Excellence recognise outstanding contributions by staff who demonstrate excellence in activities that are aligned to the University’s Strategic Intent and/or the University Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan. In 2020, categories of award included: Leadership, Research, Innovation & Change, Community Engagement, Client Service, Cross-unit Collaboration, and Reconciliation.

Nominations generally open in mid October and close mid November.

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JCU Researcher Networks

R Support Group

The R Support Group is a community of JCU R coders, they run regular training sessions


Flinders University Mentoring Scheme for Early Career Women Researchers

The Flinders University Mentoring Scheme for Early Career Women Researchers is widely acknowledged as the most successful and well-validated mentoring scheme in Australian academia. A comprehensive report and peer-reviewed publication are available and provide substantial details about the success of the program.

Express interest to the Graduate Research School.