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Other Resources for Researchers

The Resource Hub provides a one-stop-shop of direct links to resources from across the University that will be of particular interest to researchers.

Computer related

QCIF training courses

JCU is a member of QCIF, so all these training courses (in data analysis, research data management, software carpentry, use of high performance computing etc) are available to JCU staff and students,

JCU Hacky Hour

Check out JCU Hacky Hour for programming and data management support, get notifications of QCIF training sessions and chat with other researchers.

R Support Group

The R Support Group is a community of JCU R coders, they run regular training sessions

Health, safety and wellbeing

JCU Workplace Health and Safety

JCU’s Work Health and Safety Unit offers a range of training programs with the aim of providing useful and relevant health and safety related skills and knowledge.

These included mandatory WHS training as well as specialist training related to working in particular environments and with specialist equipment

Professional Development

JCU Corporate induction program
JCU Human Resources face to face training

Human Resources staff development - scroll down and you will find the face-to-face training section.

LinkedIn Learning

Use your JCU login credentials to access over 15000 free online courses

JCU Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence

This course provides a foundation in the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including general aspects of culture, and the immediate and ongoing effects of past and present government policies targeting Australian Indigenous people from colonisation to current day.

It also provides general skills for engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, in terms of personal conduct and protocols, and assists the participant to develop their own customised and detailed action plan.

JCU Cultural Competence Program

The Cultural Competence Program (CCP) consists of a range of online multi-media training modules and resources, designed to build an understanding of cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion.  It contains short films, animations and interactive activities, including real people telling real stories and options for further reading.

Employees will gain practical skills and cultural specific knowledge for use in the workplace and everyday life.

Management of data and information in research


JCU Connect

A 'one-stop-shop' for assistance with grants for competitive funding, industry-led research partnerships, ethics, animal welfare, research information, commercialisation of intellectual property, and innovation activities.

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The research whisperer

The Research Whisperer is an Australian blog on doing research in academia

Management of data and information in research