TARL Theses


Completed research theses by students affiliated with TARL and supervised by TARL staff and adjuncts

Under Examination

Katherine Cameron (PhD, James Cook University) Ancient Ceramics at Vilabouly: Pottery Production and Society in an Ancient Mining Community in Laos.

Jasmin G√ľnther (PhD, James Cook University) The Movement of Things: Tracing Eighteenth-Century Polynesian Artefacts from HMS Pandora.

Georgina Skelly (Honours, James Cook University) Sea-Level Change and Palaeolandscapes: Investigating Submerged Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in Trinity Bay, Far North Queensland

Tate Devantier-Thomas (MPhil, James Cook University) Shaping the Stone: Experimental Approaches to the Plain of Jars Megaliths, Lao PDR

  • Olivia Arnold (MSocSci, James Cook University) The Rock Art of Lizard Island: A Preliminary Study of Dingaal Rock Art
  • Robyn Blucher (Honours, James Cook University) Diet and Mobility in Prehistoric Mainland SE Asia: A Stable Isotope Study
  • Joshua Connelly (Honours, James Cook University) Holocene Technological Provisioning Strategies on the Eastern Hamersley Plateau, Western Australia
  • Tia Eagleson (Honours, James Cook University) A Study of Semi-Precious Stone Beads from Savannakhet Province in Vilabouly, Laos
  • Jason Hunter (Honours, James Cook University) Stanton House Excavations: The Emergence of a North Queensland Identity in Colonial Australia
  • Joshua Neilson (Honours, James Cook University) Challenging Typologies: An Investigation into Stone Adze Typologies of SE Asia
  • Emma Rehn (PhD, James Cook University) Fire and Environmental Change in Northern Australian Savannas during the Holocene
  • Philip Torcato (Honours, James Cook University) Pre Khmer-Empire Exchange Routes: Linking Cambodia and NE Thailand
  • Tanya Drury (Honours, James Cook University) Geochemical and Technological Approaches to Understanding the Manufacture and Distribution of Silcrete Artefacts in the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Tim Russell (Honours, James Cook University) Submarine Squatters on the North Queensland Coast: An Archaeological Study of Commercial Dugong Fisheries Utilising a Seascape Approach
  • Katherine Cameron (Honours, James Cook University) Periphery to Centre: Social and Cultural Change over Time at Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailand
  • Denise Carrington-Smith (PhD, James Cook University) The Origin and Selection of Evolutionary Knowledge: The Descent and Ascent of Ideas
  • Catherine Hays (Honours, James Cook University) Exchange of Items or Ideas? Current Implications of the Torres Strait Pottery
  • Texas Nagel (Honours, James Cook University) Using Foraminifera to Refine Understandings of Archaeological Site Formation Processes: A Case Study from Thundiy, Bentinck Island, Southern Gulf of Carpentaria [Awarded Ironbark Heritage/AACAI Student Support Fund Award] [Awarded Association for Environmental Archaeology John Evans Undergraduate Dissertation Prize] [Awarded the Tropical Archaeology Research Laboratory Prize]
  • Annette Oertle (Honours, James Cook University) Connections across the Sea: Characterising Macassan Activities in the South Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Grace Tipping (Honours, James Cook University) Communities and Archaeology in a Postcolonial World
  • Cameo Dalley (PhD, The University of Queensland) An Ethnoarchaeological Investigation of the Social Factors Shaping the Marine Subsistence Strategies of Lardil and Kaiadilt Aboriginal People of the Wellesley Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Jane Hinton (Honours, University of Queensland) Using Archaeological Shell Assemblages for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction: Preliminary Isotope Analysis of Polymesoda (Geloina) coaxans (Gmelin, 1791) from Bentinck Island, Gulf of Carpentaria [Awarded The Blue Mountains Honours Prize in Archaeology]
  • Stephen Nichols (PhD, The University of Queensland) Public or Perish: An Ethnographic Study of Archaeology in a Southeast Queensland Community
  • Daniel Rosendahl (PhD, The University of Queensland) The Way it Changes Like the Shoreline and the Sea: The Archaeology of the Sandalwood River, Mornington Island, Southeast Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia
  • Brent Taylor (Honours, James Cook University) Memorialisation of War: Ban Dong Soen, Savannakhet Region, Laos: Vietnam Battle Site Museum
  • Antonino Tucci (Honours, James Cook University) Uncovering an Ancient Occupation: A Study of Social Organisation at the Khanong Iron Age Copper Mining Site Located at Sepon, Laos
  • Luke Keogh (PhD, The University of Queensland) The Storied Landscape: A Queensland Collection
  • Andrew Munro (PhD, James Cook University) The Astronomical Context of the Archaeology and Architecture of the Chacoan Culture
  • Karen Murphy (PhD, The University of Queensland) Domesticity and Industrialism at Mill Point
  • Owen Powell (PhD, The University of Queensland) Warrego Country: Water, People, Landscape
  • Camille Tanner (Honours, James Cook University) Defining Archaeological Correlates for Social Complexity: Three Sites in Thailand
  • Lansdown, S. 2016 The Significance of Xieng Khouang Province during the Laotian Lan Xang Period (1354-1707 CE): An Excavation at Wat Ban Vieng. Honours thesis, James Cook University.