Helen Ball

Pottery in Southeast Asia, especially the Dvaravati period; Petrographic analysis of pottery.

Robyn Blucher

Southeast Asian Archaeology; Bioarchaeology; Isotope analyses.

Zachary Callanan

Bioarchaeology; Palaeopathology; Infectious disease; Southeast Asia

Katherine Cameron

Archaeology of Southeast Asia; Ceramic analysis; Geochemistry.

Sarah Collins

Historical archaeology; Early Queensland settlement; Inscribed landscapes.

Josh Connelly

Indigenous archaeological seascapes; Holocene lithic technology; Human behavioural ecology; Archaeology of the dry and wet tropics.

Tate Devantier-Thomas

Archaeology; Experimental archaeology; Plain of Jars; Lao PDR

Felise Goldfinch

Archaeology of the dry tropics ; Rock art of the dry tropics.

Jessica Hurst

Bioarchaeology; Osteoporosis; Southeast Asia

Puangtip (Tip) Kerdsap

Archaeology of Southeast Asia; Spindle whorls and handicraft archaeology.

Mike Kneppers

Archaeozoology; Archaeomalacology; Great Barrier Reef; Aboriginal use of island and coastal landscapes.

Anna Kreij

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander archaeology; Indigenous landscape management; Cultural heritage management; Geospatial information analysis.
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Cat Livingston

Archaeology of Southeast Asia; Archaeometallurgy.

Rossella Paba

Bioarchaeology; Demoetnoanthropology; Underwater archaeology; 3D aerial photogrammetry and laser scanning (landscapes and objects); Burnt bones; Chemical analysis (XRF, FTIR); Funerary rites interpretation.

Lucille Pedersen

Bioarchaeology; Southeast Asian archaeology.

Georgina Skelly

Submerged landscape archaeology; Palaeolandscapes; coastal and island archaeology

Sarah Slater

FNQ cultural landscapes; Shellfish foraging strategies; Shell mounds and monumentality.

Gordon Stenhouse

Archaeology of Southeast Asia; Faunal analysis.

Mojca Zega

Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; Human-environment impact; Geochronology; Natural and cultural heritage; Human colonization.

Linn Tollofsen

Stone artefact analysis; Human-environment interaction.

Taylor Foster

Southeast Asian archaeology; Mortuary ritual analysis.

Cailey Maclaurin

Archaeomalacology; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander archaeology.

Sarah Morgan

Investigating Sea Urchin Exploitation at the South Island Headland Midden (Lizard Island Group): A Methodological Analysis of Archaeological Quantification and Identification Protocols.