TARL Our People

Our People

Staff, adjuncts and research students work across the JCU network work in archaeology or archaeology-related areas. This page presents a list of current staff, adjuncts and research students affiliated with TARL. Click on ‘More Details’ to see current research projects and further information.


Distinguished Professor Sean UIm

TARL Director

Research interests: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander archaeology; Coastal and island archaeology; Impacts of people on new environments; Radiocarbon dating of marine materials.

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Dr Nigel Chang

TARL Deputy Director

Research interests: Archaeology of Southeast Asia; Long-term changes in society and environment; Community-based archaeology.

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JCU Staff with Archaeological Research Interests

Distinguished Professor Michael Bird

Isotope Geochemist

Research interests: Geoarchaeology; Isotope geochemistry; Quaternary science; Radiocarbon pretreatment.

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Dr Magdalena Bunbury

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests: Frequency and Bayesian analysis of 14C datasets; human-climate interactions; impacts of environmental hazards on human mobility

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Professor Kate Domett

Biological anthropologist

Research interests: Bioarchaeology (esp. Southeast Asia); Palaeohealth, palaeopathology, trauma; Demography, migration.

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Dr Dianna Hardy

Senior Lecturer, IERC

Research interests: eResearch and archaeological datasets, Maritime archaeology.

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Dr Ariana Lambrides

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests: Archaeoicthyology; Marine environment; Fish ecology; Fisheries Sustainability; Fishing.

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Dr Lauren Linnenlucke

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests: Quality assurance; Geochronology; Geoarchaeology.

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Dr Madeline McAllister

Senior Curator/Senior Lecturer, Maritime Archaeology

Research interests: Maritime Archaeology; Wooden ship construction (17-20th centuries); Underwater; Cultural Heritage; Archaeological visualisation: 3D photogrammetry, legacy data and interpretation; Outreach and public archaeology.

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Dr Kimberley Owens

Lecturer, Medical Education

Research interests: Historical archaeology; Archaeology of Lord Howe Island.

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A/Professor Eric Roberts

Head, Earth and Environmental Science

Research interests: Vertebrate taphonomy; Sedimentology and stratigraphy; Geochronology; Continental ichnology.

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Dr Cassandra Rowe

Research fellow

Research interests: Palaeoecology; Palynology

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Dr Anna Willis

Lecturer, Archaeology

Research interests: Bioarchaeology; Palaeodiet; Palaeohealth; Southeast Asian Archaeology

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Technical Staff

Cailey Maclaurin

Laboratory Supervisor (Cairns)

Rainy Comley

Research Assistant (Cairns)

Josh Connelly

Research Assistant (Cairns)

Kayla Turner

Research Assistant (Cairns)