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Molecular Characterisation and Design

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Our Students

  • Geraldine Buitrago: Assessing the anti-colitic properties of the hookworm protein Na-AIP-1
  • Mohadeseh Dastpeyman: Structure-Function Relationships of Disulphide-Rich Peptides
  • Ian Gummow
  • Ann-Katrin Kraeuter: The effects of the Ketogenic diet on animal models of schizophrenia
  • Tiange Liu: Development of a mouse model to evaluate the clinical cross-reactivity to the pan-allergen tropomyosin from allergen sources, including shellfish and house dust mite
  • Jayden Logan: Curing asthma with human hookworm proteins
  • Padmakana Malakar
  • Saira Mumtaz: Photochemical synthesis in batch and micro flow reactors
  • Thimo Ruethers: Bio-molecular studies on allergenic proteins causing fish allergy in Australian children for improved diagnosis
  • Casey Schmidt: Structure and function of novel peptides from cone snail venom
  • Michael Sheridan: Current approaches in managing food allergy among North Queensland Public Health settings
  • Rebecca Tolentino: Characterization of PEPS and PPDK regulation in bacteria
  • Reynold Philip: Structure, function and synthesis of Anti-Inflammatory Peptides targeting Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Edward Evans: Analysis of venom toxins
  • Rozita Takjoo: Folding analysis of granulins