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Molecular Immunology

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Our Students

  • Zainab Agha: The impact of hookworm infection and hookworm anti-inflammatory proteins on diabetes in mice
  • Rafid Al-Hallaf: Innate and adaptive immunity to gastrointestinal helminths
  • Martha Cooper: Molecular profiling of immunity to infectious and chronic disease in humans using systems immunology
  • Minnie Jacob: Biomarker discovery in Hyper-IgE Syndromes (HIES) and Atopic dermatitis using integrated OMICs approach
  • Shaymaviswanathan Karnaneedi
  • Martina Koeberl: Structural and immunologic cross-reactivity among invertebrate tropomyosin’s: Implications for allergen quantification
  • Thu Le: Identification and molecular charactisation of food allergens in aquatic products from Vietnam
  • Visai Muruganandah: Generating Protection Against Lung TB Through New Vaccine Strategies
  • Roni Nugraha: Biochemical and immunological characterisation of the major allergens in Australian molluscs
  • Kunal Pratap:Preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutic candidates for food allergy
  • Champa Ratnatunga: Deconstructing the immunopathogenesis of pathogenic lung infections
  • Shruti Saptarshi
  • Michael Sharp: Analysis of immunological and biochemical cross-reactivity between and among parvalbumin proteins, the major fish allergen
  • Juan Stephen: Analyses of immunological cross-reactivity and molecular differences between parvalbumin, the major fish allergen, from bony and cartilaginous fish species
  • Shanshan Sun: Evaluation of IgE and non-IgE mediated allergic pathways in crustacean allergy
  • Thomas Watkins: High-throughput and high-definition breakdown of human T cell repertoires in health and disease