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Exam Resources for Staff

Updated for 2023, this page has been created to assist and support the Academy and Subject Coordinators navigate the End of Study period Exam process, including key dates, submitting an exam request and uploading exam papers.

For JCU Singapore please contact [email protected] and for JCU Brisbane please contact [email protected]

The dates below indicate the cut-off / deadline in preparation for all formal examinations.

Important Exam dates for 2023

Published February 2023

The exams team  are now responsible for providing AccessAbility students with their mid term adjustments for any on campus, on course/mid term  exam, test or quiz.  Students may choose if they want their Exam Adjustments applied, and will need to follow the guide  Apply for your On Course/Mid Term AccessAbility Exam Adjustments.

AccessAbility Students

Only if you have students who are registered with AccessAbility services, and you have received a copy of their Access Plan.

At the beginning of each Teaching Period, please notify the Exams Team via [email protected] of your schedule for on-campus on-course exams (quizzes, tests etc.), We will require a minimum of 10 University working days’ notice to facilitate on-course AccessAbility examinations for students.

Information for Examinations

If we have not already contacted you , please provide the following information for each of your planned  tests/quizzes/exams etc.

  • Subject:
  • Exam/Test Date:
  • Start Time:
  • Duration:
  • Reading Time:
  • Format:(MCQ, short answer, essay, online)
  • Materials:, i.e. Any  Materials, No Materials or Restricted Materials
  • Access to Calculator:
  • Access to Dictionary:
  • Other Permitted Materials:
  • Contact Name & Number of examiner:

Examination Paper

  • Your exam paper must be with Examinations no later than 5 University Working days prior to the exam date.
  • You will receive a secure link sent to you from [email protected] The drop box has been deemed by IT to be the most secure option.  Your exam paper will only be accessible by yourself and the exams team. Please note: Once you have uploaded the exam paper, if you wish to change it please upload using Version Control and advise the Exams team to ensure the correct paper is  used.
  • Your exam  paper will be ready for collection within  24 hours of the exam, or earlier on request.  Exams Office - Building 133, Room  102.

Student Personal Exam Timetable

The bottom section of the example is updated prior to exam formal exam period.  This information appears on every student timetable and therefore contains generic information only

Student Personal Timetable Example

Important Notes

  • Formal exam start times are 8:15am AEST and 1:15pm AEST
  • Students should be logged in before the start time in preparation to access their exam. Please note, exams will not be accessible prior to the exam start time.
  • All instructions for their exam are contained in LearnJCU – “Information for Students’” folder (or similarly named folder), or student announcements.
  • Taking Online Exams webpage includes a section on Troubleshooting online exams as a quick help guide. Please include this in your assessment folder for easy reference on the day of the exam.
  • The Examinations Team will provide technical support to students during the formal exam periods only. Any on course technical inquiries will be re-directed to the Subject Coordinator and/or College.

It can be a very stressful time for students, and they may want to call someone. If you receive any student enquiries either via phone or email, please follow the below steps:

  1. Ask the student to email the Exams Team immediately if they have not already done so. Please remind students to include the following information:
    1. Student ID
    2. Subject code
    3. Best contact phone number
    4. A brief description of their technical issue (including screenshots if appropriate – please refrain from including exam questions where possible).
  2. We will acknowledge the email as soon as possible with some troubleshooting steps, before investigating and contacting the student to resolve their matter.

Exams Team Contact Details

Please direct all students to contact our team via one of the following:

Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method)

Ph: 478 14246

Contact the  Examinations Team

via email at [email protected]

or call (07) 478 16309 or 14246