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Exam Resources for Staff

These webpages are to assist and support Subject Coordinators navigate the Centrally Administered Exam process for all exam types, in addition to adjustments for AccessAbility students.

For JCU Singapore please contact and for JCU Brisbane please contact

The exams team are responsible for applying AccessAbility student adjustments for formal end of semester exams and any on campus exams, mid-term/on course exams, tests and quizzes.

If you require assistance with setting student’s assessment conditions, please refer to the Accommodations and Exceptions webpages

On Course assessments ON CAMPUS

Students are responsible for applying if they wish to have their exam adjustments applied for an on-course assessment. Details on how to apply for AccessAbility Exam Adjustments can be found here.

The Exams office will email the Subject Coordinator to advise they have students who require adjustments for an upcoming on campus assessment.

The following steps are then required once a student application has been received by the exams office:

  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to the oncourse exam you will receive an email detailing the students who have requested their adjustments. For online exams, this will include their timing adjustments which you will need to update in LearnJCU.
  • In the email you will be provided a table that needs to be completed and returned to us as soon as possible. For hard-copy exams, you will also need to save a copy of the exam paper into the secure link provided in the email.

NOTE: Your exam paper must be provided to the Exam team no later than 5 university working days prior to the exam date.

  • Your exam paper will be ready for collection within 24 hours of the exam, or earlier on request.  Exams Office - Building 133, Room 102 – please bring staff ID to collect.

On Course assessments ONLINE AT HOME

The subject coordinator is responsible for applying any adjustments listed in the access plan that impact an online at home exam.

If you need guidance or support in applying adjustments to online exams you can reach out to the Learning Technologies Team

Practical assessments

The subject coordinator is responsible for applying any adjustments listed in the access plan that impact practical assessments. If you receive adjustments that cannot be accommodated for this type of assessment you will need to contact AccessAbility Services. (E:

If you haven’t received a student’s access plan or you need further information regarding AccessAbility please refer to AccessAbility at JCU.

The exams team are responsible for checking the exam settings for online formal end of semester exams. The below check list has been created to assist academics in the setting up their formal exam folders and exam settings.

Online Exam Setting Checklist for Academics

The Examinations team provide technical support to students during the formal exam periods only. Any on course technical enquiries will be supported by IT unless otherwise advised by the Subject Coordinator/College.

Staff should be aware of the following;

  • Formal exam start times are 8:15am AEST and 1:15pm AEST
  • Students should be logged in before the start time in preparation to access their exam.  Exams cannot be accessed prior to the exam start time.
  • Instructions for the exam are to be provided by the Subject Coordinator in LearnJCU. Either in the “Information for Students’ folder (or similarly named folder), or through student announcements.
  • The Taking Online Exams webpage includes a section on Troubleshooting online exams which can be provided to students as a quick help guide.

Exams Team Contact Details

Please direct all students to contact our team via one of the following:

Email: (preferred contact method)

Ph: (07) 478 14246

Student Personal Exam Timetable

The bottom section of the example is updated prior to exam formal exam period.  This information appears on every student timetable and therefore contains generic information only

Student Personal Timetable Example

We can offer a variety of support options such as;

  • ZOOM sessions, either for individuals or groups
  • Call (07) 478 14246
  • Email -
  • Face to face
  • Training videos/screen shots

Examinations Procedure documents:

Contact the  Examinations Team

via email at

or call (07) 478 16309 or 14246