Alyssia Merrick (Hons)

Alyssia Merrick.

Honours research project: The effect of tabletop gaming on people’s mental health.

Alyssia Merrick is currently studying her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at JCU and completing her thesis under the supervision of A/Prof Wendy Li.  As current President of the Townsville Tabletop Guild, her area of interest is in how Tabletop Gaming effects the mental health and wellbeing of the general population, and how it can be utilised as a therapeutic tool.

With the increasing popularity of Tabletop Gaming, more research is focused towards the impact that playing board games and tabletop roleplaying games could have on the population.  Alyssia’s thesis aims to explore the impact of playing Dungeons and Dragons on the mental health and wellbeing of James Cook University Students and members of the Townsville community.