About AusAsian Mental Health Research Group (AMHRG)

Australia is increasingly looking to Asia strategically, politically and culturally as well as economically. As Australia seeks to strengthen its ties in the Asia region and be an effective contributor to the wellbeing of the region as a whole, the discipline of psychology takes a timely initiative to establish the AusAsian Mental Health Research Group (AMHRG), aiming to promote high quality research concerning mental health in Australia and Asian countries.

AMHRG is JCU’s research hub of mental health, playing a significant role in fostering translation, innovation and research capacity in the field of mental health. Built upon our current collaboration with researchers in China, Singapore and India, AMHRG partners with researchers, government, health sectors and peak bodies in Australia and Asia to improve mental health services and outcomes across the Asia-Pacific region.

Mindfulness has been long investigated both as a psychological construct and as a form of clinical intervention for the maintenance of psychological wellbeing and mental health. Mindfulness Lab at JCU (ML@JCU) actively promotes mindfulness and mental health research and mindfulness interventions across cultures, with a specific focus on mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) intervention program.