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Our People

AMHRG is an international consortium with researchers from the Asia-Pacific region. AMHRG researchers, with expertise in mental health research, dedicate to improving mental health and psychological wellbeing for people through research, practice, and policy. We share the values of service to people and community, research excellence, research innovation, and collaboration.

AMHRG is committed to empowering tomorrow’s researchers. Through JCU’s research education, we support our HDRs (Higher Degree by Research) to stand at the frontiers of knowledge in the field of psychological wellbeing and mental health.

Our Members

  • Founding Chair of AMHRG
  • Psychology, James Cook University, Australia
  • Research Profile

Our HDRs and Honours

Belinda Astridge.

MPhil research project: The effect of attachment style, resilience and self-esteem on the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and youth offending.

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Jasleen Chhabra.

PhD research project: Fathers' perinatal mental health and the associated risk and protective factors: A multiple method study.

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C Keerthigha.

PhD research project: Investigating the impact of helicopter parenting on emerging adults: A multi-method approach.

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Timothy Leow.

MPhil research project: Student dropouts and mental health – the challenges faced by foreign university students.

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Alyssia Merrick.

Honours research project: The effect of tabletop gaming on people’s mental health.

  • Coordinator of AMHRG

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Catherine Toh.

PhD research project: A longitudinal phenomenological study exploring trainee counsellors’ hindering self-awareness and the impact on counselling self-efficacy during counsellor training.

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Barry Tse.

PhD research project: The development and validation of a Buddhist religiosity scale using a combined emic and etic approach.

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Our Associates

Professor Guojun Xie: Psychiatry, Foshan Psychiatric Hospital, China

Professor Binghong Wang: Psychiatrist, Taiyuan Psychiatric Hospital, China

Professor Yunzheng Xie: Psychology, Shanxi Medical University, China

Professor Xiaoyan Liang: Psychology, Shanxi University, China

Professor Xuewei Huang: Clinical psychology, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China

Dr Gang Feng: Clinical Psychologist, Taiyuan Psychiatric Hospital, China

Hongyu Li: Psychology, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China

Professor Narayanan Annalakshmi: Psychology, Bharathiar University, India

Professor Ilango Ponnuswami: Mental health (social work), Bharathidasan University, India