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Suzanne Bocking

Suzanne’s life mission is to assist individuals with positive transformation in their lives.  She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education, a Master’s Degree in Social Science in Counselling and is a registered clinical supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association.

Suzanne’s professional exposure began in the fitness industry, where she worked her way into leadership. She then went on to work for over ten years throughout Asia and Australia with large multinational corporations in organisational development, change management and human resources. A career change followed a life change, and Suzanne started up a highly successful business, which is still operating in Singapore, to support and empower women.

In 2008 Suzanne moved back to Australia and began working in trauma-informed care; supporting survivors of child sexual assault, people with a lived experience of suicide and those affected by disasters.

Suzanne continues to do all the things she is passionate about: running her own business, counselling, clinical supervision, peer support sessions, providing education in both adult and child settings, mentoring women and consulting to not-for-profit organisations.
Her integrity and commitment to the restoration and betterment of people is what continually motivates her to be her best.