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Research Infrastructure

JCU is equally committed to high quality and high impact research. To realise these outcomes, the University has invested substantially in structures and facilities to support research and development activity. Wherever possible these initiatives have been leveraged to obtain additional external investment and the best value outcomes in facility development.

One of several key aspects in JCU's success lies in its unique geographical location. The advantages of this to our researchers and graduate students cannot be overstated, with ready access to the most spectacular and diverse natural laboratories in the world. Field site environments for research on coral reefs, tropical rainforests, coastal wetlands, woodland savannahs and the arid outback are all available in our backyard. The University has invested in field research stations to take further advantage of this tropical landscape.

JCU's research facilities

Advanced Analytical Centre

Analytical Instrumentation

Central analytical facility that proudly supports research and industry.

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Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM)

Improving health in the Tropics

A flagship tropical health research institute, encompassing the world-class Mosquito Research Facility, Translational Research Facility and the Primary Containment Level 3 Laboratory.

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Australian Tropical Herbarium

Treasure trove of tropical botany

State-of-the-art infrastructure for plant specimen processing and curation, with a fully databased and representative botanical archive that supports research and information delivery programmes.

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Boating and Diving

Advancing marine science and teaching

Providing expert knowledge, experience and equipment for research groups to get onto and into the water.

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Cyclone Testing Station

Leaders in wind research

Aiming to minimise loss and suffering by researching the response of homes and other low-rise buildings to severe weather events.

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Daintree Rainforest Observatory

Classroom in the Rainforest

Eco-monitoring site in World Heritage listed Queensland rainforest.

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Encounter unique marine life

A marine research facility at JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield open to researchers, non-university members and film-makers. Its focus is on enabling access to research and education for students and the public alike.

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Environmental Research Complex

Exploring tropical vegetation

A cutting edge facility for basic and applied research and the teaching of biological and environmental sciences.

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eResearch Centre

Advancing research with technology

Advancing tropical knowledge by bringing researchers and the wider community together to harness the power of technology and data.

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Fletcherview Research Station

Classroom in the Outback

Working cattle property near Townsville, Queensland.

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Ideas Lab

A place of creation, connection, and collaboration

Transforming the innovation ecosystem in Far North Queensland by enabling regional digital transformation, to generate jobs and foster economic growth.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Lab

Fusion of the physical, digital and biological

First of its kind in Australia, IoT Lab enables the development of innovative and practical solutions to real-world problems using the world-class NB-IoT standard.

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Marine and Aquaculture Research Facility

State-of-the-art aquatic facilities

Operated by world-leading research and scientists to support industry partners manage marine resources and sustainable fishing.

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Orpheus Island Research Station

Classroom on the Reef

Ready access to the Great Barrier Reef from a pristine island.

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The Science Place

Transforming science education

A purpose-built education and research space that promotes the sciences, and encourages interest in science-based careers in the wider community.

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