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The JCU Cairns Aquarium is located in the heart of the Tropics at James Cook University Cairns Campus.

From a humble beginning in 1997, the aquarium started life as a series of small glass fish tanks in Dr Jamie Seymour’s lab.

Today, the aquarium facilities are used for three main purposes:

  • It is a hard core research facility, allowing students and staff to undertake work on aquatic organisms.
  • It is a filming facility (unlike any other place in the world), where commercial natural history documentaries can be filmed and produced.
  • It is a facility that allows non-university members to see and interact with not only the wide variety of marine life but also the researchers and filmmakers that use it on a daily basis.

Live View

Soon you’ll be able to have a look inside the eduQuarium LIVE! We are working on getting our IP cameras ready to stream.

Milking the world’s most venomous fish

Professor Jamie Seymour milks stuff. But nothing that moos or has fur. He prefers to live on the edge, milking the venom from the most venomous animals on earth, including stonefish.