Careers at JCU Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Candidates download information from the JCU website and lodge their online application with supporting documents such as covering letters, or addressing selection criteria, as specified in vacancy information packs or documentation.

The selection panel will shortlist candidates based on their ability to meet the requirements of the position, referencing the resume/CV and supporting information as requested.

The panel may choose to adopt additional selection tools, such as aptitude, skills or psychometric assessments. Additionally they may use video interviewing to assist with shortlisting where there are a high number of applications. These tools may also be utilised post-interview if required.

JCU will invite shortlisted candidates to participate in a panel interview. In addition to asking the candidates behavioural based questions, the selection panel may also invite candidates to deliver a presentation or provide work samples. Additional selection such as skills, aptitude or psychometric assessments may be required post-interview.

JCU will seek permission to contact the preferred candidate(s)' referees.

The successful candidate will be made a verbal offer, followed by a written offer of employment.

JCU will welcome their new employee with induction and onboarding activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to conduct the end-to-end recruitment process will vary from vacancy to vacancy. JCU aims to reduce the time taken to fill vacancies, however unexpected priorities may arise which will prolong the process.

We would encourage you to contact the Chairperson of the specific role you are interested in should you require further information regarding the expected timeframes. Where the estimated timeframes are known in advance, these may be communicated in the Application Guide which is available for download from the Jobs@JCU portal against individual vacancies.

Should your application be unsuccessful at the shortlisting stage you will be notified via email. This is usually within the first 2-3 weeks after the vacancy has closed.

If your application is unsuccessful after an interview, you will most likely be contacted by telephone. In some instances, however, this may also be communicated via email.

Where the panel wish to consider all applications until a successful candidate has been appointed they may delay communication until such time as the successful candidate returns their offer documentation. Again, as this may vary between vacancies we recommend you contact the Chairperson if a status update is required.

Depending on the requirements and classification of the position you are applying for, you may be required to participate in skills, aptitude or psychometric assessments. If this is a requirement you will be provided information in the application documentation or throughout the shortlisting process.

Video interviewing is a tool utilised at JCU for certain vacancies to assist with the shortlisting process. If you are requested to participate in video interviewing you will be provided additional information with an invitation and instructions on how to complete this and timeframes. Further information is available at the Vieple Website.

A panel interview is where a number of interested stakeholders will come together to meet with the shortlisted candidates to gain a better understanding of their skills, motivation, values, experience and qualifications, to determine if they would be able to perform the position and whether their workplace values align to those of JCU.

The panel can comprise of between 2-5 members depending on the type of position being recruited. Generally speaking, the manager of the position will Chair the panel with other members comprising of customers, colleagues or stakeholders.

There are several websites available to assist with your interview preparation and we recommend:

Additionally, we recommend you download the campus maps from the JCU website to familiarise yourself with the location of your interview, identifying parking or public transport options JCU Campus Maps.

Generally speaking, JCU contact referees post the interview stage. However there are other circumstances where referees may be contacted prior to interview.  The panel will contact you to gain your permission prior to contacting your referees. Should you not have referee details available at the time of application you can provide these upon request at a later stage in the process.

JCU does not currently hold expressions of interest or resumes for roles other than the original role you apply for. This may be a capability in the future but for now it is not something utilised at JCU. You will therefore need to apply for each individual vacancy you are interested in.

Generally speaking, feedback can be made available upon request. However, for high volume roles, the panel may choose to provide this at the very end of the process. This can be requested by emailing or telephoning the panel member who is the contact person for the vacancy.