Our People

Anne Steinemann

Director (Professor of Engineering, Chair of Sustainable Infrastructure, College of Science and Engineering)

Anne Steinemann is internationally recognised for her expertise in engineering and sustainability, with research in healthy buildings and environments, climate-related hazards, disaster risk reduction, and safe and resilient infrastructure.…

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Caryn West

Deputy Director (Professor, College of Healthcare Sciences, Dean of Research, JCU Singapore)

Prof Caryn West is the newly appointed Dean of Research for JCU Singapore and is charged with the establishment of the second pillar of research within the Tropical Futures Institute.

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Yetta Gurtner

Associate Director, Engagement (College of Science and Engineering)

Yetta Gurtner is human geographer, lecturer and researcher. With a multi-disciplinary background she has over 15 years of fieldwork and research experience working with communities.

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Patrick Driscoll

Associate Director, Operations (College of Science and Engineering)

Patrick is an Engineer graduating from James Cook University. Of recent years he has worked extensively in the delivery of digital business solutions, business analysis, and project management.

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Stewart Lockie

Executive Committee (Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Director, The Cairns Institute)

Professor Stewart Lockie is Director of the Cairns Institute at James Cook University, a multidisciplinary centre for advanced studies in sustainable industries, economies, people and societies in the tropics.

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Glenn Dawes

Executive Committee (Associate Professor, College of Arts, Society and Education)

Glenn Dawes has been Associate Dean Research in the college for the last seven years. He is currently teaching and conducting research in Sociology and Criminology.

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Lisa Law

Executive Committee (Associate Professor, College of Science and Engineering)

Lisa Law is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in geography and urban studies.  Her research focuses on urban spaces in Southeast Asia and tropical Australia, and crosses a wide spectrum.

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David King

Executive Committee (Associate Professor, College of Science and Engineering)

David King is an Associate Professor of Geography in the College of Science and Engineering at James Cook University, and is director of the Centre for Disaster Studies, and the Centre for Tropical Urban and Regional Planning.…

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Jonathan Nott

Executive Committee (Adjunct Professor, College of Science and Engineering)

Professor Nott’s research focuses on the reconstruction of environmental change and long-term records of extreme events such as tropical cyclones, tsunamis and river floods. He has made several world first contributions in the area of palaeohaz…

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Andrea Grimes

Executive Committee (Senior Research Officer, College of Healthcare Sciences)

Andrea Grimes is Senior Research Officer at the JCU World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) for Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research Capacity Building and has recently completed a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.…

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Robert (Bob) Wasson

Executive Committee (Adjunct Professor, James Cook University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University)

Professor Wasson is a geomorphologist with 40 years of experience in natural resource management in Australia, New Zealand and ten Asian countries.

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John Doolan

Executive Committee (Director, Cyclone Testing Station, College of Science and Engineering)

John Doolan is currently the Director and Business Development Manager for the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University, a role he took up in 2019. John has held executive and board positions over 30 years.

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