One Stop Solutions

Why Disaster Solutions

Disasters cause significant damage in the tropics and throughout the world. Costs from disasters are growing. Natural hazards are becoming more frequent, severe, and widespread, with impacts that are long-term and large-scale. Disaster impacts can be mitigated with timely action and risk reduction, considering the interconnections among the built, social, natural, and economic environments. We provide interdisciplinary and integrated solutions to effectively address disaster problems.

The Centre for Disaster Solutions Provides

  • a consortium of multi-disciplinary and internationally leading expertise
  • a collaborative hub of capabilities and resources, networks of researchers and partners, and innovations in tropical disaster research and applications
  • public outreach and engagement with government agencies, industries, organisations, and communities
  • research to prevent and reduce damages from disasters in the tropical world and beyond

Our Strengths


We address floods, droughts, cyclones, severe wind events, tsunamis, storm surge, sea level rise, bushfires, heat waves, environmental pollutants, and disease outbreaks, among others.


We collaborate across many disciplines including engineering, environmental sciences, healthcare sciences, geohazards, geography, emergency management, sociology, social work, education, business, law, tropical urban design, planning, marine systems, climate science, information technology, nursing, psychology, public health, and tropical medicine, among others.


We unite more than 100 academics who are international leaders in their field of research, and who bring analytical skills and practical experience. We work hands-on with agencies, industries, and local people to reduce risk and recover.


Our consortium brings together JCU institutes, centres, and resources with expertise relevant to tropical disasters—such as the JCU Cyclone Testing Station.


Our centre provides expertise and resources from across our campuses in the tropics, delivering an internationally novel capacity to reduce and prevent impacts from disasters.


We offer a collaborative hub of capabilities; innovations in tropical disaster research and applications; and engagement with agencies, industries, and the public. We bring a successful track record of work in the tropics for nearly 50 years