Andrea Grimes

Executive Committee (Senior Research Officer, College of Healthcare Sciences)

Andrea Grimes is Senior Research Officer at the JCU World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) for Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research Capacity Building and has recently completed a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. The WHO CC provides research and project expertise to support and expand the development of education, workforce, health service provision and research capacity building in the Western Pacific Region.

Andrea is a talented project manager and of late organised a successful International Conference with delegates from over 40 countries.  As Senior Research Officer, Andrea provides comprehensive research and administrative support, including preparation of manuscripts, grant applications, statistical analysis, and planning and development of new projects.

Andrea’s key areas of research interest include Disaster, Resilience and Resilient Health Systems. She has a strong background in health systems and disaster management having worked in industry and in academia. She has fostered valuable relationships within the university, the collaborating centres and North Queensland under the guidance of the Director and Deputy Director of the WHO CC.

Andrea was intrinsically involved in the creation of the Resilient Communities in Disaster program and has been pivotal in the ongoing process of refinement, research, analysis, translation, obtaining financial backing for the pilot and subsequent variations of this important education package. She is a key figure in the running and adaptation of the workshops.