Future Students Why Study the Arts at University

Why Study the Arts at University?

Whether you are finishing your final years of schooling or have decided to embark on a new career path, it is important to do your research and look into courses in detail. And unbeknown to some, a Bachelor of Arts degree doesn’t have to lead to a career in art or design. So why study art at University?

A diverse range of subjects comes under the Bachelor of Arts bracket at university. You could major in Criminology, History, Politics and International Relations, Psychological Studies, Human Geography, Sociology and much more, alongside the obvious Design and Creative Arts major.

With a comprehensive range of pathways from each major, your career could take you in a multitude of directions. One of the great benefits of choosing a Bachelor of Arts degree is that your career will not be set in stone from the go. You have the freedom and flexibility to shape your career as you wish by choosing majors and minors that best suit your interests.

What Does it Mean to Study the Arts?

Broadly speaking, subjects within the social sciences umbrella deal with human experiences, ideologies and identity. Those under the arts umbrella take more of a scientific approach to what it means to be human. All of these areas can be studied in depth in a Bachelor of Arts degree.

When you pursue a degree in the arts, you can:

  • Learn about foreign cultures
  • Understand different religious viewpoints
  • Support social justice and well being
  • Dissect political systems
  • Grapple with philosophical ideas
  • Explore great books and minds

…and so much more.

Studying the Arts at Uni Can Provide Multiple Career Opportunities

Alongside subject knowledge, you develop key skills when you complete a Bachelor of Arts degree. From critical thinking skills to communication skills, problem-solving skills to empathy skills, your capabilities will be transferable to other areas of your life. And most importantly, these skills will enable you to thrive in the workplace after graduation.

Given how many subjects you can study to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree, there are many jobs that you can apply for upon graduation. Your dreams can run wild with career pathways. Whether your aspirations take you into business, law, social services, education or other, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree is the first step in your journey.

Study for Your BA at James Cook University

Start your career off strong by studying at a university that offers comprehensive courses. At James Cook University, you can expect in-depth classroom learning, quality practical work placements, personalised support and small, friendly classes.

With a variety of majors available, you are sure to find a course that suits your career path. And with multiple commencement dates throughout the year and numerous sites, you can study at a location and time that suits you.

Want to learn more information about how a Bachelor of Arts degree at JCU is right for you? Get in touch today.