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Townsville Graduations 2018

On 7 and 8 March, 970 JCU students graduated in Townsville, including 631 with Bachelor degrees, 243 with postgraduate degrees, and 49 with PhDs.

Now it's Cairns' turn!

Stack of graduation cards, fanned out on a table

Long shot of the stage as a grad shakes hands with the chancellor

A man holds the official JCU ceremonial mace

The Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor smile at the camera

A PhD student stands with her supervisor and they smile for the camera

A PhD student smiles for the camera

Detail of the JCU crest on the ceremonial mace

A JCU staff member assists a graduand with her gown

A portrait of a PhD student

A graduand takes a selfie with one of her guests

graduation teddy bears on a table

A mother takes a photo of her daughter in her graduation gown

Graduands adjust their gowns as someone takes a photo of them

All photos: Bethany Keats, JCU Media.