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Vale Professor Dennis Pashen

Dennis Pashen

It is with great sadness that James Cook University acknowledges the passing of Professor Dennis Pashen.

Born in Cloncurry, Professor Pashen was an extraordinary man who made an extraordinary contribution as a rural doctor and rural generalist obstetrician, as a leader in rural medicine, as an academic and as a mentor, teacher and friend.

He was a big-hearted character who made an indelible impression. Professor Pashen was a champion of rural health and played a pivotal role in advocating for and addressing health disparities in rural and remote communities - dedicating his life and career to improving health outcomes, including through the training of health professional staff, health research, and health policy.

Professor Pashen had a long-term association with JCU. Amongst his many contributions and achievements he founded what is now the Murtupuni Centre for Rural and Remote Health in Mount Isa, serving as Director from 1997-2011 and paving the way for JCU in North West Queensland. In 2021 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Medicine and has been recognised as an outstanding JCU Alumni.

Professor Pashen’s life-long work and leadership will leave a lasting legacy on rural and remote health in communities around Australia and I know he will be dearly missed by the JCU community.

Our thoughts are with Professor Pashen’s friends and family at this difficult time.