Defer your studies at JCU

To defer your studies means you want to delay the start of your course. Most new students can defer for 6 months, and up to 12 months, depending on course availabilities. Please check your course handbook to determine your course intakes and availabilities when considering your deferral.

Throughout your deferment period, please keep JCU advised of changes to your contact details. We will send you information during your deferment period to advise how to recommence your studies.

Defer your studies

Did you know you don’t have to formally defer your offer if you would like to commence later in the same calendar year? You can simply enrol in subjects that start later in the year and commence study at that time. Remember to check your enrolment carefully and withdraw from subjects that start before you plan to commence.

To defer the commencement of your study to the next calendar year, complete and submit the form below. Remember to withdraw from subjects if you have already enrolled.

If your offer lapse date has passed you may still be able to defer your offer by completing and submitting the form below.

Leave of absence

If you have already started your course and received at least one result, or it is past the Census Date, you must apply for a Leave of Absence.

Apply to defer your studies

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