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PROJECT TITLE: Reliability and validity of salivary cortisol levels of healthy adults measured using a point of collection analysis method (POCSS)

We are recruiting participants for a study investigating the validity and reliability of a point of collection method to measure salivary cortisol levels in adults.

In this study researchers will be comparing two different methods of measuring cortisol levels in saliva collected from study participants. Cortisol is a hormone found in saliva and higher levels are one indicator of raised stress in humans.

The research will assess if this method of collecting and testing human saliva samples is as accurate as more traditional, time consuming and expensive methods which must be conducted in a laboratory.

We want to find out if this method of cortisol measurement in saliva collected from adult volunteers:

  • Is as accurate as the more traditional laboratory method.
  • Demonstrates the same cortisol level when different researchers analyse the same saliva sample.
  • Demonstrates the same cortisol level when a researcher analyses the same saliva sample at different times.

You may be suitable for this research if you are:

  • An adult male or female (over the age of 18)
  • Are available to travel to JCU Townsville campus on one occasion only
  • Willing and able to commit to study testing.

Participation in this study will involve the following:

  • Completing a short screening process (20 minutes)
  • Providing a sample of saliva, collected by placing three absorbent swabs under your tongue (10 minutes).


For further information, contact
Dr Carol Flavell (Chief Investigator)
Ph: 07 4781 6472