PEP and Student Responsibilities

Students will be asked to complete a Student Evaluation of PEP Learning Experience completion of PEP. This evaluation is confidential between students and the College of Healthcare Sciences. Your PEP feedback assist the Course Coordinators, Subject Coordinators, Academic Lead Professional Practice, and Facilities ensure PEP continues to be a positive learning experience for the student.

However, if substantial relationship issues between the student and their clinical facilitator/ preceptor(s) are interfering with the student’s ability to meet the subject learning outcomes and/or of the Course overall, the student is encouraged to discuss these firstly with their clinical facilitator/partner, or preceptor directly.

If resolution is not obtained, the Subject Coordinator and Academic Lead Professional Practice are available to facilitate discussions at the student and/or the clinical facilitator/preceptor’s request. Students are encouraged to contact the Subject Coordinator or Academic Lead: Professional Practice on 42321466 or via email (, at the earliest possible opportunity, for support, if they perceive that they have a problem with the clinical facilitator/partner, coach, or preceptor or the facility while they are on PEP.