Students with Pre-existing Conditions

Students are advised to maintain their health. If a student has a physical or psychological health issue and/or disability that may pose a risk to themselves or others, they are advised to discuss this with the AccessAbility Services staff and/or Academic Lead: Professional Practice/Academic Lead: Practice Integration, so that their needs can be discussed.

Students with a pre-existing health condition, disability, or allergy that may impact upon PEP are required to provide a medical certificate stating they are ‘fit for professional placement’ prior to each PEP commencement, or as agreed by Academic Lead: Professional Practice/Academic Lead: Practice Integration. The certificate is to be sent to

Students with allergies are to inform subject coordinator of their individual requirements for specific activities during clinical workshops. Additionally, they are required to notify the Academic Lead: Professional Practice/Academic Lead: Practice Integration before each PEP if they have individual requirements that may need to be considered by healthcare facilities.

If a Clinical Facilitator/Preceptor/Coach is concerned about a student’s well-being while on PEP, they will contact the Academic Lead: Professional Practice or Academic Lead: Practice Integration. In some circumstances, the student may be removed from PEP and appropriate procedures followed.