Supported Learning Plan (SLP)

A Supported Learning Plan (SLP) is the process whereby an underperforming student is notified in writing by the subject coordinator of the need to improve and strategies to assist the student achieve a satisfactory professional experience placement (PEP) grade.

A SLP will be developed for a student who is unable to meet the ANSAT or AMSAT to the appropriate level.

The student will be formally notified in writing by the subject coordinator of the SLP details. The SLP format, duration, and learning objectives to be achieved will be determined by the subject coordinator in consultation with the clinical facilitator, clinical coach, or preceptor, and based on the student’s individual learning needs.

  • A SLP may occur at any time during PEP in any clinical setting. Ideally, it should be developed when early indicators identify the student is not demonstrating a satisfactory standard.
  • The SLP’s duration will normally be three (3) days.
  • The clinical facilitator, clinical coach or partner, or preceptor provides notification of underperformance assessment. The subject coordinator develops a SLP which is provided to the Clinical Facilitator, Clinical Coach, or Preceptor, and student involved.

If the student achieves the SLP’s learning outcomes, the student will have successfully completed the SLP and the SLP is ‘redeemed’. However, if at any time during the remainder of that PEP the student is again identified as not meeting the subject and PEP learning outcomes and/or ANSAT practice standards or AMSAT competencies they will immediately enter the Clinical Review process.