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Overseas Registration Applications

The College of Healthcare Sciences can prepare documentation for overseas registration applications required by past graduates of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences degrees.


There is a cost of $250.00 for the College to complete the Course Information Form, prepare statements of theoretical and clinical hours and provide copies of syllabus.  This payment can be made at the JCU online payments website.

Once you have received a receipt of payment, please forward a copy by email to together with the overseas registration application forms for processing. Please note that this process can take approximately two to three weeks.

If your assessment board also require an original printed official academic record you will need to order this and authorise for the College of Healthcare Sciences to collect this on your behalf from the Student Centre Townsville as a third party collection. The original transcript is usually required to be included with the course information form and sent directly from JCU to the overseas registration assessment board. (Some overseas assessment boards may now accept eQuals digital copy sent directly from the applicant to the assessment board – please check with your assessment board).

If posting forms and academic records to the University, please address to the College:

Overseas Registration Application
College of Healthcare Sciences  
Building 25, Room 202
James Cook University 

Please include your postal address, email and contact phone, and provide written confirmation that you authorise the College of Healthcare Sciences to release your details to the overseas registration authority.

For enquiries please contact the College at