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15 Times Better helps Australian organisations align Indigenous engagement to their core purpose, unlocking opportunities that deliver increased social and economic outcomes for First Nations peoples. 15 Times Better is a 100 percent female Indigenous owned business, operating Australia-wide. We specialise in First Nations strategy and program development, evaluation and execution.

At the core of 15 Times Better is the knowledge that adopting a shared-value approach to social inclusion not only leads to improved outcomes for Australian communities, but also delivers significant business benefits. We know that the most successful social inclusion programs are based on this shared-value approach and it is our mission to help organisations assess the impact of their Indigenous a airs strategies, programs and initiatives for increased two-way value creation.

We have a proven track record of delivering significant social and business benefits through some of Australia’s largest and most complex organisations. We have developed successful Indigenous B2B customer programs for ASX listed companies and provided business development support to Indigenous suppliers, helping to expand client portfolios. We have brokered 100+ contracts between Indigenous suppliers and corporate buyers, supporting Indigenous supplier pipeline development and supplier diversity strategy execution and we have executed many successful corporate/community partnerships and joint venture agreements between private investors, government and Indigenous groups.

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Abstarr leads change, delivers excellence and brings clarity.

We work with communities, businesses and governments to turn thought leadership into real solutions and strategy.

We can:

  • Write your strategy
  • Facilitate your meeting
  • Analyse/research your situation
  • Identify real solutions and strategy

We use change management and organisational psychology to deliver in the following areas:

  • Aboriginal policy and services (health, education, justice, economic development etc)
  • Medical and health educations
  • Health workforce development
  • Cultural safety, cultural capacity and race relations
  • Healing, social and emotional well-being
  • Curriculum
  • Leadership
  • Community development
  • Action research


We lead change by facilitating transformational growth in culturally safe environments.

For example, we are working with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to ensure 670 000 health professionals understand and enact their roles in patient safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


We deliver excellence in strategic thought leadership, critical analysis and communications.

For example, we are working with the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet to ensure self-determination for Aboriginal peoples is real and respectful as they begin steps to negotiating a treaty with the First Peoples.


We bring clarity and confidence to those who want to deliver better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

For example, we are working with the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak Ltd to ensure their strategic vision is realised.

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Postal:                 PO Box 33301,  Melbourne Victoria 3004

Blackfisch is a majority Indigenous-owned and operated creative agency based in Sydney, we have worked extensively throughout Australia and the APAC region.  Our experience spans documentaries, feature films, television, TVCs, educational video suites, photography, animation, graphic design, VR/AR and marketing. We offer a full suite of creative services and handle end-to-end production and project management for video suites, film, documentary, stills photography, advertising, VR/AR, graphic design, animation, and brand design. We also offer Indigenous Consultation, we are connected to community and work with Indigenous Custodians, Knowledge Holders, Elders and future young leaders.

We are experts at communicating complex and sensitive messages to diverse audiences. Amongst our team are internationally renowned Executive Producers, Directors, Writers, Journalists, and Creative Directors. Our clients include universities nationwide, esteemed brands, state and national tourism bodies, NFPs, government departments and private organisations.

No matter the scale of the project, Blackfisch guarantees quality, collaboration, and artistry.

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Phone:                02 8937 2133



Ergonomic Workstation Products Pty Ltd (EWP) are Office Work Health & Safety Solution Providers, specialising in the supply and installation of ergonomic products that create a safe and injury-free environment. EWP are engaged by OH&S Advisors and WH&S Managers to provide ergonomic products for clients to minimise and eliminate the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

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Phone:                0403 693 780



Postal:                 PO Box 1366, Browns Plains BC Queensland 4118

Elevate provides professional project management and cost-effective design solutions to ensure our clients receive a positive return on their investment. The company strives to maintain client confidence and to ensure that project deliverables meet or exceed project expectations. The completion of projects is accomplished through an integrated management approach that incorporates best engineering practises, an accredited ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, and regulated-compliant practises and processes.


  • Sewer pump stations
  • Retaining walls
  • Trunk services

Civil Engineering

  • Earthworks
  • Roadworks
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Water and sewer reticulation
  • Detention basins

Project Management

  • Client management
  • Contract documentation
  • Contract management
  • Project estimating
  • Engineering reports
  • Project feasibility
  • Engineering design
  • Project approvals
  • Construction tendering

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Jason Marshall

Director / Engineering Manager

Phone:                0418 873 271


Barpa Construction Services

Barpa Construction Services is a proud and dynamic Indigenous commercial construction company, offering advanced construction capability to manage a wide cross section of projects in various industry sectors and a strong record in delivering projects on-time, on-cost and at a high quality.

As a company Barpa has extensive experience in the construction of social infrastructure, education, health and Defence projects.
Working in and around operational facilities is a common factor for many of our projects and we have a portfolio with many examples of multi-faceted projects which required diligent planning and close coordination with project stakeholders to mitigate impact to ongoing operations.

As an Indigenous business, Barpa is committed to making a positive difference for Australia’s First People. We pride ourselves on respectful Indigenous engagement, dedicated training and employment opportunities for Indigenous people, supporting the Indigenous business sector and paying dividends to our community of Indigenous owners.

Engaging Barpa enables companies, organisations and government entities to meet the requirements and the spirit of their Indigenous Procurement aims.

We specialise in delivering the following types of projects:

  • Complex projects with unique execution requirements
  • Special purpose facilities or highly serviced buildings
  • Commercial construction, refurbishments and facility fit-outs
  • Infrastructure
  • Building in operational and secure environments
  • Phased/Staged work programs
  • Regional and remote project work
  • National and multi-site projects.

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Gilimbaa is a full-service research, communications and creative agency that has been operating since 2008, specialising in the development of culturally relevant and engaging design and content for and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and connecting resources to communities in an effective and empowering manner. We have an excellent track record in delivering design and communications projects for government agencies, corporate clients, universities and not-for-profits, with a strong record of financial stability combined with excellence in project management and client service.

We are a registered Supply Connect supplier and were named Supply Connect Supplier of the Year in 2015.

Gilimbaa means ‘today’ in the language of the Wakka Wakka people, and our work reflects the blending of the power and process of storytelling (and the role this plays in the education and celebration of culture and community) with innovative and effective communications processes and products. Our core focus is on the design and development of communications content and resources that are appropriate to the needs of, engaging and empowering for, and actively connected to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around Australia.

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Phone:                07 3367 8895



Ethan Indigenous will leverage significant leadership experience with the resources of a one of Australia’s leading ICT suppliers, providing the best solutions to the Townsville region while providing a brighter future for Indigenous youth within the IT Industry.

Ethan Indigenous is a Supply Nation Certified Indigenous business, established in 2017, under the leadership of David Liddiard (OAM), and supported by Ethan Global Pty Limited (minority shareholder) (Ethan Global).

Ethan Indigenous is structured to provide ‘profit for purpose’ to fund positive Social Impact programs. Our goal is to create equal employment participation for Indigenous people within the IT sector throughout Australia.

A significant challenge to increasing Indigenous employment participation is the lack of essential modern life skills in technology competence and literacy (known as the ‘Digital Divide’), and this challenge is compounded by the lack of technology and training available to Indigenous youth in many communities. Without these digital competencies, our Indigenous youth may struggle to complete secondary education, with dramatic flow on effects for their subsequent University and Corporate traineeship opportunities.

Ethan Indigenous is committed to doing its part to help close this Digital Divide by providing technology directly to the hands of Indigenous students. The creation of Professional career pathways for Indigenous youth is the only way to protect the alignment of training to “Skills of the Future” to ensure employment is both meaningful and sustainable.

We aim to change the employment opportunities for indigenous youth and technology must play a significant role. Ethan Indigenous is committed to enabling the tools to provide a learning journey towards “Skills for future” opposed to manual work focused careers. We believe that access to technology is a major differentiator, that we can assist with, to ensure the challenges to completing essential educational outcomes is realised.

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Kunarkoo iSolutions has been serving across the Top End of Australia since 2012. Founded by Tiare Kelsall and Sons, Kunarkoo iSolutions provides specialised virtual Administration Support services in:

  • Building Digital Office Spaces
  • Zoom & Webinar Event Planning
  • Business Branding & Social Media Strategy
  • Data Management
  • Executive Coaching

Proudly representing our Nhanda Yamatji forebearers, we have finessed our services toward empowering our Indigenous business venturers - fellow "bootstrappers" - those who sacrifice and self-fund their own businesses. "There is just something you have to admire about their achievements, even if those achievements are just managing to get something off the ground "(EK).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have adapted, sustainably managed and flourished on this continent for over 60,000 years. Kunarkoo iSolutions continues to share the advice, digital tools and "can do" mindset to empower and encourage First Nation business owners to navigate the complex business systems and processes in a post-global pandemic environment.
We also collaborate with local Indigenous businesses with customised cultural services as well as Corporate services including catering and giftware.

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Lateral is a 100% Indigenous owned, operated and controlled business. Director, Cassie Murphy is a proud Wiradjuri woman. Cassie’s family originated from Wiradjuri country which is the largest Indigenous Nation in central New South Wales. Lateral is a proud Certified member of the Supply Nation business community. Supply Nation is a not-for-profit organisation and Australia’s leading indigenous business growth organisation that connects Indigenous owned businesses with opportunities in corporate and government supply chains. Lateral has a strong commitment to Indigenous business growth and strengthening Indigenous economic participation.

Lateral Project Management Pty Ltd (Lateral) is a Project Management Consultancy that specialises in all forms of construction, design, infrastructure and property. We have a customised approach and look for Client benefits, savings, improvements and provide a comprehensive customer service. Lateral delivers quality, responsive, flexible and supportive Project Management services. Lateral represents a creative base with our capacity to think outside of the box. In this we are well placed with our team of specialists and experts as we deliver our broad range of project services.

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Phone:                0428 794 884


Postal:                 PO Box 237, Kenmore QLD 4069


Position is a leading, independent, Aboriginal-owned and operated corporate branding specialist.

Our vision is to be a supplier of choice for corporate Australia, and to deliver tangible social impact for Aboriginal Australians through the investment of profits into our Social Impact Fund.

Our team brings over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and is committed to providing the best product, price and service to our valued clients. Our strong domestic and international supply relationships, including our team on the ground in China, mean we are uniquely positioned to offer highly competitive pricing, source new and innovative products before they enter the Australian market, and oversee the manufacturing process to ensure all goods meet Australian social compliance and quality standards. We currently service over 300 clients and many of these include blue-chip global brands.

Our experienced team are proactive in working with clients on campaign strategies and concept development, providing new ideas to meet our client’s objectives, strengthen their brand and offer a cost-effective solution to their needs. Once approved for production, our team works holistically to ensure regular communication with all stakeholders and on-time project delivery.

Our client-focused services cover the following:


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Phone:                08 8344 4537




Towcha Technology is a proud 100% Indigenous owned business providing technology strategy, development and support. With over 25 years’ experience, Alan is determined to provide the best-fit digital solution from a user-centric perspective.

Our team works across corporate, government and not for profit sector including Coles, CPB Contractors, Department Services Australia, Bureau of Meteorology, Department of Premier and Cabinet, AMRRIC and Community First Development.

Project Service

Towcha Technology matches highly skilled specialists to meet your project needs. Whether it’s starting a new project or one that’s underway, we have specialist suitable for the following roles;

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Service Designers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Front End Developers (React and Angular JS)
  • Test Mangers and Testers
  • Solution Architects and Designers

Software Development

Towcha Technology is a Microsoft partner and our developers have experience to tailor solutions for your most challenging software projects. We build custom software to ensure your organisation works smarter and faster

  • iOS native iOS apps
  • Native Android apps
  • Microsoft.NET applications
  • AngularJS applications
  • React applications
  • Custom apps & applications

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Alan Holmes

Managing Director

Phone:                0439 557 999



QTrax have the right people, the right equipment, years of experience and we have the right attitude. We are committed to the delivery of works and services that comply with all requirements and deliver products and services of the highest quality.

Our commitment to giving back to the community also provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors. QTrax staff have many years’ experience and the right equipment for working in Far North Queensland’s environment which is often inhospitable and inaccessible for normal earthmoving equipment.

  • We are 100% Indigenous run and operated
  • We have a thorough understanding of Cultural Competency and Indigenous Land Management
  • We are certified in many fields such Landscape construction, Land Management and Horticulture/Arboriculture
  • We provide services from the ground up meaning we do from small jobs to larger scale works
  • We decrease the use of the middle-man process and are fully equipped to deliver effective services
  • We understand the language of community, key stakeholders and provide services that are Culturally of sound mind
  • Offer informal training to community members and or employment per service area and contract

Our areas of specialist work include

Concrete works

Road rehabilitation

Labour and equipment hire services

Small scale maintenance projects


Pipe-laying services

Machinery hire with operator

Site restoration

Contact Us

Rickie Burchill – Managing Director

Phone:                0438 233 640


Zancott Recruitment is a 100% Indigenous owned and operated recruitment and labour hire firm. With offices based in Cairns and Brisbane, our team offers experienced, quality certified labour hire and recruitment services to JCU. Zancott Recruitment is licensed to deliver labour hire services in Queensland.

Established in 2006, Zancott Recruitment specialises in the supply of skilled personnel across all sectors and classifications. Our recruitment team has an average of 15 years recruitment industry experience. Our employment options include temporary contracts, with the option to transition temporary staff to permanent employment at any time, labour hire, and permanent employment.

We offer:

  • Full-service recruitment and labour hire
  • Integrated recruitment software to screen, on board, place, and pay staff
  • Qualified, experienced and screened personnel
  • Permanent, temporary and contract staff
  • Fast and efficient response times
  • Competitive labour rates
  • National footprint
  • Fair Work and ABCC-approved contracts
  • AS/NZS 45001 (WHS) and ISO 9001 certified management systems
  • Full insurance coverage across all States
  • Support to meet diversity goals
  • Pre-employment and upskilling programs
  • Single point-of-contact Account Management

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Brendon Dyer

Phone:                0460 32 559



With unrivalled technical expertise, best-in-breed digital solutions, and an unrelenting focus on continual improvement, Zancott Knight delivers a strategic partnership approach that optimises outcomes and drives Indigenous engagement. We work collaboratively with our clients and leverage decades of experience across critical industries to tailor a truly bespoke approach, with the agility to meet your evolving needs.

Our holistic approach to integrated facilities and project management embeds agility, fluidity and innovation to optimise asset reliability, performance, and value creation. Integration of industry-leading technology and exceptional personnel ensure a true whole of life bespoke approach. Zancott Knight is Indigenous owned, managed and controlled joint venture between national leaders in recruitment and facilities management, Zancott Recruitment and Knight FM, with a mission to close the gap through Indigenous engagement. Strategic partnerships with Indigenous organisations, suppliers, and a commitment to continual reinvestment into our local communities drives achievement of economic empowerment and job creation, creating a positive change.

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Phone:                1300 977 598