FAQ - Grants

Research Professional is the preferred system used by the James Cook University research community to search for funding opportunities and funding related news. Every research student and employee has an account created and is automatically assigned to a default division, college or discipline from where they can share funding searches specific to their field.

Follow this link for further information on Research Professional and the JCU contacts.

The Research Funding Approval Form has been designed to ensure that all FTE and other in-kind and cash contributions have been appropriately reviewed and approved by the College or Directorate. It also allows for the collection data for various internal and external requirements for successful grants, e.g negotiation of final agreements, cost centre allocation, and invoicing.

The Research Funding Approval Form must be completed and submitted to JCU Connect with your application (see JCU Connect deadlines below) and/or with any research contracts and consultancies. JCU Connect cannot process your successful grant or contract without the completed form.

The internal closing date for applications is one week prior to the closing date of the funding body for domestic applications, and two weeks prior to the closing date for overseas applications.

Applications not submitted to JCU Connect within the appropriate timeframes cannot be guaranteed the attention they deserve.  Supervisors need to ensure that students are aware of the procedures for submission of applications which must be processed through JCU Connect.

Deadlines are set to allow time to review all of the submissions for a scheme, arrange for corrections, obtain the necessary University approvals and submit to the funding body by its deadline. Given even the best checking processes, please allow time if you may have missed something that will have to be corrected before it can be submitted.

No, the JCU Connect Director has authority to sign research grant agreements and grant applications up to the value of $2,000,000. The SDVC has unlimited authority to sign research grant agreements and grant applications.

Yes please submit a general enquiry via ServiceNow or contact finance@jcu.edu.au

Yes.  JCU Connect attaches the Tax Exemption Certificate where this is required with a grant application.

JCU Connect provides the web link to the signed and audited financial statements with your application when it is submitted.  The statements can be found in JCU’s annual report.

JCU also holds a number of other certificates which can be attached to grant applications as required.

  • Endorsement as an income tax exempt charitable entity.
  • Bank account details - usually only requested after notification of success.
  • ABN notification of registration.
  • Endorsement as a deductible gift recipient.
  • Notice of endorsement for charity tax concessions.

The Graduate Research School (GRS) administers all funding in relation to Higher Degree stipends. Your Division should be able to help you with information regarding the Graduate Research Scheme.

No. JCU Connect will add a signed (by the Director of JCU Connect) cover letter on University letterhead to the application when it is submitted.

JCU Connect (Cairns and Townsville) will coordinate the submission to be couriered to the funding body as long as the application is provided to JCU Connect with enough lead time to check the submission, add any required attachments and arrange the courier company to pick up.

No. JCU Connect will send the email and necessary attachments to the funding body.

If you are advised directly of the outcome of a grant application, please advise JCU Connect. Quite often the funding body contacts the Chief Investigator directly. We do need to know if your grant was successful/unsuccessful so that files can be archived and if it is successful to commence procedures to open new accounts so you can access the research funds.

You will need to provide the following documentation to JCU Connect to allow an account to be set up, invoices to be created and your access to project funds organised with Grants Finance:

  1. The signed (by relevant Dean of College) and completed Research Funding Approval Form.
  2. A copy of the original application to the funding body.
  3. The letter from the funding body notifying that the grant has been successful and any attached agreements for signing or offer of grant forms.

Once all paperwork has been provided to JCU Connect it is entered into JCU Connect database (RIMS) and sent to Financial and Business Services (FaBS) for action. FaBS is responsible for opening the account, advising the Chief Investigator of the account number and creating the invoices.