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Engineering Projects

Waste Management and Energy Conversion through Microwave Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis significantly reduces total waste volume by converting solid waste and sludge into biochar that could be used for energy recovery and other uses.

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Circular Economy of Phosphorus and Nitrogen

Proper management of phosphorus is fundamental to achieve and maintain food security. Phosphorus and nitrogen removal using low-cost adsorbents is considered as a potential environmentally friendly solution for nutrient recovery.

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High Value Carbon Based Materials

Biochar has many applications such as contaminant adsorbent, fertiliser, soil ameliorant and can be used for energy production. To increase the interest of these products new value-added applications have to be developed.

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3D Printing of Hybrid Rocket Fuel

Using 3D printing techniques, it is possible to create far more complex ‘hybrid’ rocket motor, which utilises gaseous oxygen being fed through the longitudinal combustion chamber of a solid fuel cell.

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