Research Integrity Advisors

Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs) are persons appointed by the University to promote the JCU Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (Research Code) and provide advice to those with concerns or complaints about potential breaches of the Research Code.

Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs) are the first point of contact and play a key part in the promotion of a honest and transparent research culture at JCU.

They provide assistance to those seeking advice about the responsible conduct of research and JCU procedures and processes for dealing with any allegation or concerns about potential breaches of the Research Code.

RIAs are located in each College and are appointed by the College Dean.

RIAs will guide researchers through the JCU processes and will discuss the concern with the complainant and provide advice on avenues to address the issue.

This advice may include:

  • clarity around whether the complaint should proceed if it is clearly not related to a potential reach of the Research Code;
  • advice around how the matter could proceed under other institutional processes;
  • the process around making a formal written complaint about a potential breach of the Research Code.

The RIA will not be involved in any investigation regarding the complaint or concern and will not contact the person who is the subject of the complaint or concern.

When approached for advice, the RIA will declare any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest. If this is the case, with a researcher’s consent, the RIA may refer the matter to a different RIA or another appropriate person such as supervisor, Associate Dean of Research or College Dean.

Research Integrity Advisors

To allow the RIA to assist you, it is best that you are able to articulate the problem or the concern that you have. You may consult the RIA from your College or if you wish you may consult an RIA from another College.

Try and describe what has bothered you, does it concern a publication, research data or results of a research activity. Does it relate to supervision of a lab or research project?

During your discussion, the RIA will ask questions about the matter as they need enough information to be able to guide you to the most appropriate process to address your concerns.

The RIA has certain responsibilities under the Research Code and cannot ignore a concern or complaint that may be considered research misconduct, so there may be times when the RIA has to take action about the matter even though you would prefer it not to proceed.

If you are uncomfortable for any reason with giving information to the RIA, you may want to ask your questions in relation to a JCU Procedure, i.e. how does authorship work at JCU, how do I determine who should be an author on a paper?

After your discussion, the RIA may need to seek advice from other parts of the University on how the matter should proceed, such as the Research Integrity Office in Research and Innovation Services.

This consultation is to ensure that the RIA provides you with the best advice, so the RIA may take a few days to get back to you.

JCU is currently recruiting new Research Integrity Advisors for each College, details of the RIAs will provided as they are appointed.