Dr Elena Mihas

Photo Helena Mihas

Elena Mihas

Email: elena.mihas@jcu.edu.au

Research Interests
  • Amazonian languages
  • Arawak languages
  • Language contact
  • Syntactic typology
  • Sociocultural contexts of language endangerment
  • Language documentation
  • Language revitalization
  • Grammar-writing
Peer-reviewed publications and conference proceedings

Mihas, E. (2010). Essentials of Ashéninka Perené grammar (Doctoral dissertation). Milwaukee: University of Wisconsin. Retrieved from http://www.etnolinguistica.org/tese:mihas-2010

Mihas, E. (2010). Gender system in Ashéninka Perené (Arawak).UniverSOS: Revista de Lenguas Indígenas y Universos Culturales, 7, 119-130.

Mihas, E. (2011). Añaani katonkosatzi parenini. El idioma del Alto Perené. Collection of texts. Milwaukee: Clark Graphics. Available online at http://biblio.etnolinguistica.org/mihas-2011-anaani

Mihas, E. (2012). Bodily-based conceptual metaphors in Ashéninka Perené myths and folk stories. In A. Idström, & E. Piirainen (Eds.), Endangered metaphors, (pp. 145-160). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Mihas, E. (2012). Subcontracting native speakers in linguistic fieldwork: A case study of the Ashéninka Perené (Arawak) research community from the Peruvian Amazon. Language Conservation and Documentation, 6, 1-21. Retrieved from http://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/bitstream/handle/10125/4502/mihas.pdf?sequence=1