Celebrate JCU's 50th

Since JCU can’t celebrate its 50th year during the week of April 20th with the in-person events we had planned, the JCU marketing team is asking staff, students, and alumni to make short videos with your phone, laptop computer, or camera, to share our social media pages.

If you are interested and able to do make a short video, here is what the marketing team is looking for:


  • Landscape video
  • 30 seconds to one minute long

Possible talking points

  • Introduce yourself
  • What you studied/are studying at JCU,
  • When you graduated, or when you anticipate to graduate, from JCU
  • Your role at JCU and how long you’ve worked here
  • Wish a JCU a Happy 50th Anniversary
  • Share a favourite memory
  • Tell us what you love about JCU